Rachel SmithMy name is Rachel Smith and I received my undergraduate degree in Religion from Samford University in 2014. I am passionate about the benefits of nature and landscape; the paths, textures, and elements that influence and are influenced by human beings fascinate me. My background encompasses experience in countries where depleted resources and nature deprivation are daily realities. In contrast, I also have experience in areas where resources, nature, and interaction with landscape are endless. My background, interests, and experiences have encouraged me to pursue peace studies in connection to nature and the environment. I am interested in anthropology from the perspective of how humans and cultures shape and are shaped by the natural world. I hope to work in the areas of landscape anthropology and archaeology, seeking to understand how past and present interactions with the environment impact peace today. An additional outcome of this research can be used to encourage environmental crisis intervention and conservation. I am particularly interested in the concepts of biophilia and the anthropocene. Specifically, I am interested in the ways human interaction with nature and landscape in an urban and wild sense, can act as a catalyst to facilitate positive cooperation and pathways toward peace.

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