An M.A in Art History launched Ruoxin Wang into an academic career.

ruoxin wangRuoxin Wang, M.A. in Art History

Ruoxin Wang received her M.A. in Art History from UAB in 2015. She says that “gut feelings” led her to study art history. “I still remember being awestruck, bewildered and deeply intrigued by Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights when I saw it the first time. After studying art history at a graduate level for several years, my interest in this field has been continually fueled. I am convinced that art history is a very compelling and rewarding way of learning.

Wang chose to study art UAB because she “was impressed by the strength of the faculty, the well-designed curriculum, the various funding opportunities, as well as the UAB curatorial fellowship [at the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA)].” Obtaining her M.A. at UAB prepared her for Ph.D. study. “Under the guidance of the art history faculty, especially my advisor, Dr. Noa Turel, I was able to become well prepared for the doctoral study. Through course works, I developed skills in visual analysis, historical research, and critical thinking. During the MA program, I enrolled in German and French courses at UAB and studied Dutch in Belgium as these languages were crucial for my research. I was a teaching assistant for Dr. Turel, and the pedagogical experience has come in handy as teaching responsibility is required by most doctoral programs. Through the UAB/BMA curatorial fellowship, I was able to work closely with artworks and learn about the logistics of exhibitions.”

Wang is currently a PhD candidate in art history at Rice University, working on a dissertation titled, “Opening the ‘House Altarpiece’: Domestic and Traveling Triptychs in Northern Europe, 1400–1600.” She reflects upon many memories from her time at UAB. “For example, giving my first talk ever at the Annual Graduate Symposium, passing the Comp exam, curating two small exhibitions when working as UAB/BMA curatorial fellow, putting my foot down on a thesis title, and defending the said thesis.” She also remembers what a game-changer it was “when face-up scanners were available at Mervyn Sterne Library.”

ruoxin wang preparesRuoxin Wang prepares to teach a class at Rice University.

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