MA Art History Thesis Project Record

Jennefer Celeste Paxton, Ritual, Self-Defense, and Territoriality at the Rock Art Site of Chaturbhujnath Nala, India, Spring 2017

Christina Joan Inman, Memory, Memorials, and Commemoration: Enacting Remembrance for the Comfort Women of WWII, Spring 2017

Amelia Hobson, Andy Loves Richard: The Revelations of “Vote McGovern” (1972), Summer 2016.

Amy Williamson, “The Ladies” Who Founded MOMA: How Three Female Art Collectors Created One of the World’s Leading Museums, Spring 2016

Jared Hansen, Pontiffs of Stone: Art as Propaganda in the Papal Tombs of Avignon, 2015

Ruoxin Wang, Aping Nobility: Reinterpreting the MMA “Monkey Cup,” 2015

Pinar Zararsiz, Orientalism Redux: Inci Eviner’s Harem, 2015

Kristen Latulipe, A Sinner in the City: Contextualizing the Magdalen vita Panel c. 1280, 2014

Angela May, Sak Yant: The Transition from Indic Yantras to Thai “Magical” Buddhist Tattoos, 2014

Joanna Wilson, The Bear and the Tiger: Decoding Attitudes and Anxieties towards Nature through A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh in Post-WWI Britain, 2014

Alexa Hayes, Kitten Has Claws: The Feminine, the Feline, and the Threat of the New Woman in Cecilia Beaux’s Sita and Sarita, 2013

Bethany McClellan, Science of Sleep: Tracing the Visual Language of Dreams from Fuseli to Gondry, 2013

Annie White, Clear Cut Lines: Reconsidering Max Beckmann's Influences, 2013

Kelsey Frady, Frances Benjamin Johnston: Imaging the New Woman through Photography, 2012

Nicole Jordan, “A Very Amusing Bit of Blasphemy”: Honoré Daumier’s Histoire Ancienne, 2012

Linda Pierini, Objects of Worship Based on the Lotus Sutra: The Gohonzon by Nichiren, 2012

Stephen Smith, Catherine Jeffrey Jones’s Idyl: The Comic Strip in Science Fiction and Art, 2012

Mary Katherine Russell, Drawing a Bath: Works by Robert Henri and George Bellows at the Birmingham Museum of Art, 2011

Kelly Wockenfuss, Daoist Elements in Cai Guo-Qiang’s Inopportune and Head On, 2011

Qi Tie, The Imperial Face of China at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: An Analysis of Empress Dowager Cixi’s Portraits, 2010

Ashley Allison, The Display of the Animal Body in the Art of Angela Singer, 2009

Jenny Blount, The Black Male Nude: A Study of John Singer Sargent’s Thomas McKeller Nude within the Context of Nineteenth-Century Art and Culture, 2009

Cynthia Castillo, Protective Art of Indonesia: Balinese Kris Holders from the Collection of the Berman Museum of World History, 2009

Alicia Cook, Edgar Degas’s Fan Shaped Designs: Art, Decoration, and the Modern Woman in Late Nineteenth-Century France, 2009

Michele Forman, “Voyeurizing the Voyeurs”: An Analysis of the Gaze of the Non-Human Other in Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil,” 2009

Andrew Jones, Kay Nielsen and the Illustrated Gift Book, 2009

Kathryn Sullivan, Borso D’Este and the Arthurian Legend: A Reconsideration of the Hall of the Months in the Palazzo Schifanoia, Ferrara, 2009

Nancy Wright, Urban Perspectives and the Modern City in the Works of Gustave Caillebotte and Childe Hassam, 2009

Christina Dick, The Mother in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art, 2008

Emma Fox, The Journey of the Queen of Sheba and The Meeting of Solomon and Sheba: Two Cassone Panels from the Workshop of Apollonio di Giovanni, 2008

Amber Henson, Science, Technology, and Portraiture: Justine Cooper’s Rapt and Transformers, 2008

Harley Acres, Gender Bending and Comic Books as Art: Issues of Appropriation, Gender, and Sexuality in Japanese Art, 2007

Krista Chandler, Understanding Space: The Conceptualization and Evaluation of Space in DIA: Beacon, 2007