2019 Rotating/Special Topics Courses


ARH 482/582-9H Photo Histories
T 5:00 – 7:30 PM
Instructor: Heather McPherson

This course will examine transformative moments in modern photography, the critical discourse that developed around it, and how the photographic medium has redefined art and ways of seeing, from its origins to the present. It will consider a range of themes and approaches to photography, focusing on its complex engagement with modern culture and issues of representation.

ARS 302-ZL Drawing & Mapping
T/Th 5:30 – 7:00 PM
Instructor: Ty Smith

Employing a range of drawing media and approaches, this course will explore dreamscapes to landscapes, the playful to the political and from factual to fictional. Course presentations and projects will present an overview of how artists have explored cartography from historical to contemporary approaches. Students will use the vocabulary of mapping to explore landscapes familiar, unknown, invented, personal memories and thoughts, actual sites and ultimately will defy our expectations of what a map is to explore new ways of finding ourselves and locating our place in the world.

ARS 312-AK Experimental Painting
M/W 11:15 AM – 1:45 PM
Instructor: Gary Chapman

Students will explore the medium of painting in a broader context. Specific and open assignments will challenge students to employ processes and skills gained from demonstrations provided and personal exploration of the medium; including creating a range of grounds, incorporating texture and more expressive mark making. Students will also be challenged to expand their means and understanding of image making to include various transfer techniques, mixed media collage, text and by incorporating collaborative projects. Students will learn the value of expanding their painting vocabulary beyond, yet not excluding traditional, observational painting. Later in the class students will have a number of open assignments where they are challenged to explore and create work from their personally designed objectives.

ARS 322-AP Molds and Multiples
T/Th 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Instructor Stacey Holloway

This course will explore the traditional and contemporary techniques, materials, and concepts of mold-making. Students will investigate methods of “multiples” in contemporary sculptural-based artwork while experimenting with metal casting, plastic casting, and slip casting. Topics will include repetition, site, and installation.

ARS 342-DM Narrative in Relief Printmaking
M/W 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Instructor Michael Merry

Study of relief printmaking processes including conceptual, technical, and aesthetic concerns and focused on narrative content and individual artistic development. Students will create and analyze prints through hands-on studio work and projects, group critiques, writing artist statements, and examining prints from a variety of cultural, conceptual, and historical standpoints. Students will gain an awareness of the creative and expressive possibilities of relief printmaking and be expected to develop an increasingly sophisticated body of work through their personal experience with the media.

ARS 352-AH Identity Systems for Branding
M/W 8:00 – 10:30 AM
Instructor: Doug Barrett

Students will utilize design thinking as a way to give clarity to complex identity systems. We will explore the building blocks of modern branding including; conceptualization, narrative, ideation and process, typography and logos, color, brand assets, value and equity, style guides, working with clients, creating and giving presentations and craft skills. Using a process-driven methodology, students will build-in client acceptance while meeting design brief specifications, and creating a flexible identity system.

ARS 362-AO Survey of Animation
T/Th 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Instructor: Elisabeth Pellathy

This course provides experiential knowledge of animation through a survey of concepts, techniques, and technological practices. Concepts of animation will be taught with the use of computers, video, and sound equipment. Concepts of time, motion, and animation will be explored. In focusing on animation techniques from past to present this course prepares students to continue their work with art, film, and design. Historical context of contemporary, underground, and commercial animation is provided through in-class video screenings, presentations and readings.

ARS 372-AK Light Capture
M/W 11:15 AM – 1:45 PM
Instructor: Sonja Rieger

This course will cover making high quality images from the study of light and its qualities including exposure to lighting techniques for natural and artificial lights. A large part of the class will be devoted to working with strobes which are provided in the classroom. Students will create a portfolio of work, this is an excellent course to take as a precursor to a photographic internship. The class will take field trips as visit photography studios in town.

495-AM Art on the Move
M/W 5:45 – 8:15 PM
Instructor: Melissa Yes

This intermedia course explores art that travels and moves. Students will utilize sculpture, performance, video, and other media to produce art that is not confined to a single place, time, pedestal or frame. Drawing inspiration from meme culture, microcinema, parades, balloons, mail art, train tagging, Fluxus kits, and more, students will cultivate nomadic artworks and art practices. This course will also address practical aspects of art and travel (such as crating and shipping artwork) and will delve into related philosophical topics (like the relationships between art and everyday life.) In this course, students at all levels will have opportunities to develop projects that match and expand their technical abilities in digital and physical media.

ARS 495-DM Tapworthy Mobile App Design
M/W 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Instructor: Sally Cramer

The course will explore app use, design, and quality. What makes an app good? What makes an app “tapworthy?” How does the design of the app interface contribute to its quality? After brainstorming new app ideas and researching need, use value, and availability, students will create a prototype for a “tapworthy” app design paying attention to interface, overall design, and interactivity. Students will use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create their design prototype.

ARS 495-AO Hybrid Materials
T/Th 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Instructor: Doug Baulos

Hybrid Material Studies will allow students to engage in research oriented around fiber materials, material studies, action and craft within a contemporary art context and supported by current theoretical discourse. Students are encouraged to develop a studio practice that is supported and contextualized though an emphasis on histories that are deeply interwoven into these disciplines as well as political and social themes that inform the field of material studies. Students will research and engage in interdisciplinary practices in or to acquire successful methods for revealing larger truths. Using art as a vehicle for science, sociology, history, politics, and economics, students will connect the seemingly disparate dots that form the complex tapestry of existence and become activists and artists seeking to affect social change in the Woven Project. This class is meant to encourage students and community artists to understand and work within and across traditional boundaries of conventional visual discourse. We will establish an environment that encourages communal artistic practices, with emphasis placed upon innovation, risk, and the cultivation of new ideas. We will nurture the cross-fertilization of ideas in a challenging and artistically rigorous environment. Students will be encouraged to experiment with different approaches to the creative process in search of outcomes that cannot be predicted in advance.