Derek Cracco

DAAH Road Workshops

DAAH Road Workshops are free, interactive art studio workshops tailored to Alabama high school students. The workshops provide students an opportunity to work with UAB art studio faculty, who will conduct demonstrations allowing participants to explore their own creativity through make-and-take art activities and formal instruction.

Workshops can be reserved by Alabama high school art teachers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each workshop is given at the participating high school and can be tailored to specific experience levels and class period times. There is no cost, and all materials are provided.

For questions or to schedule a workshop, email UAB DAAH Outreach Coordinator Jared Ragland at

"Marilyn Monroe" by Andy Warhol.

Screen Printing
Friday, September 7
Instructor: Derek Cracco, Professor of Printmaking

This workshop will introduce students to various printmaking processes with examples of prints from the DAAH printmaking studio collection. The lecture will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of screen printing.

Screen Printing, or Serigraphy, is a form of stenciling that first appeared circa 960 AD and is used to print decorative and commercial designs on signage, fabric, paper, metal, etc. Students will use the technique to print an image or design onto paper.

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Eadweard J. Muybridge.

Flip Books
Friday, October 5
Instructor: Elisabeth Pellathy, Professor of New Media

Students will explore Peter Mark Roget's 1824 Persistence of Vision theory by creating a flip book. This will allow students to trace the history of this 16th century art form to the present day, as well as understand how contemporary animators test their animations before capturing them onto the computer.*
*Footnote: Pollmuller, Britta and Sercombe, Martin, The Teachers' Animation Toolkit. 2011. Pg. 11

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Anna Atkins.

Friday, December 7
Instructor: Sonja Rieger, Professor of Photography

Cyanotype, one of the earliest photographic processes, produces a rich blue print using two chemicals and exposure to sunlight. The image is revealed by rinsing in water. The earliest uses of the Cyanotype process were by John Herschel, an astronomer who in 1842 sought ways to copy his research notes, and by Anna Adkins, who in 1843 produced a book of silhouetted ferns using the cyanotype process. In this workshop, students will explore this early form of photography by placing objects and negative transparencies in contact with the cyanotype-coated paper and together as a group expose a large piece of fabric.

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Gary Chapman snowflake.

Paper Cutting
Friday, December 7
Instructor: Gary Chapman, Professor of Painting

In this holiday-themed workshop, students will learn to fold and cut copy paper, creating a 6-point snowflake. After learning the basics, students will better understand the variables that go into creating rather complex and creative designs. A PowerPoint will be running throughout the workshop showing hundreds of unique snowflakes cut by the instructor.

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