Spring 2020

ARS 301-AH Illustration
M/W 8:00 – 10:30am
Instructor: Doug Baulos

Instruction covers both classical techniques and new technologies and media. Emphasis is placed on advanced development of personal style through an examination of content, materials and techniques. Experimentation and development of technical ability towards your aesthetic development will be the major goal of this class. In class and outside of class assignments will be due in your final portfolio. This course will explore drawing and illustration with a strong emphasis on concept. Students will be exposed in this class to the conceptual framework of illustration, which includes, but is not limited to selection, narration, translation, transformation, pattern, metaphor and abstraction. Students will research how to develop ideas and put them into professional practice. More importantly, in this class students will be encouraged to develop both a physical portfolio and independent thinking, as well as develop an ability to generate ideas and discover sources of inspiration quickly.

ARS 311/511-AM Observational Painting with a Conceptual Purpose
M/W 5:45 – 8:15pm
Instructor: Gary Chapman

Students will explore both traditional and contemporary approaches to painting from observation; including direct observation, the use of personal photographs and appropriated imagery. Specific and open assignments will challenge students to employ various narrative, symbolic and metaphoric devices in order to create paintings with conceptual purpose. Students will begin the class working from specific, conceptually challenging assignments designed to push their understanding of how to conceive of and produce a painting. Later in the class students will have a number of open assignments where they are challenged to explore and create work from personally chosen objectives.

ARS 321-AO Metal Casting and Fabrication
T/Th 11:00am – 1:30pm
Instructor: Stacey Holloway

This course will explore the traditional techniques, materials and concepts of traditional and contemporary mold-making and metalwork. Students will investigate methods of metal casting, such as lost-wax, resin bonded sand molds and the physical possibilities of aluminum, iron and bronze, while enhancing their skills in metal fabrication, such as blacksmithing, arc welding, and oxy-acetylene torch techniques. This course will also participate in a traditional on-site iron pour at Sloss Historical Furnaces with the Sloss Metal Arts Program. Utilizing these traditional methods, students will adapt conventional industrial manufacturing craft to create contemporary sculptural works.

ARS 341/541-AN Silkscreen
T/Th 8:00am – 10:30am
Instructor: Derek Cracco

ARS 351-AP Logo, Brand, Identity
T/Th 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Instructor: Erin Wright

ARS 361-DM Digital Fabrication III: 3D Printing
M/W 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Instructor: Elisabeth Pellathy

ARS 371/571-AK Documentary Photography
M/W 11:15am – 1:45pm
Instructor: Sonja Rieger

ARS 495-AP Walking in the Shoes of a Graphic Designer
T/Th 2:00 – 4:30pm
Instructor: Sally Cramer

This course will explore different paths that graduates may travel in life as a Graphic Designer. These career paths include the printing industry, social media design and influence, animation/motion graphics, and user experience and mobile app design. As students explore each path they will learn, create, and visit with industry professionals along the way.

ARS 495-AK The Composite Image
M/W 11:15am – 1:14pm
Instructor: Gary Chapman

Image Makers (Painters, Printmakers, Drawers and Photographers) have often gone beyond the singular image for a many of reasons. As a means for competing with tv, film and this ever-changing, digital world. A multiplicity of images through such as linear narratives, graphic novels, collage, montage, super-imposed images, projections. This is an advanced level studio class that will require highly independent and self-directed students supplement their portfolio with consideration toward the theme of the class, The Composite Image.

ARS 495/595-ZL Entrepreneurship in the Arts
T/Th 5:00 – 7:45pm
Instructor: Rich Gere

This class will take a pragmatic approach to exploring and working with community and civic art projects including: proposals, budget management, legal issues and professional standards for artists working in public spaces. Students will also be exposed to alternative creative endeavors available to artists and have the opportunity to collaborate in order to develop and present professional proposals to clients and seeing them to completion.