Summer 2019

ARS 495/595 Nature/Nurture/Visual Ecology
14-week, Online
Instructor: Doug Baulos

This course emphasizes the student’s need to analyze, interpret and distill the complexities observed in natural forms and focuses on honing rendering technical and conceptual ability. Students produce work of both the known and imagined, the observed and unobservable. Instruction covers both classical techniques and new technologies and media. Emphasis is placed on advanced development of personal style through an examination of content, materials, and techniques. Over the course of the semester you will engage with case studies from across the history of science and art; and you will engage with the values that underlie our distinctions between cultural categories, the values that we also design into our everyday technologies, a space where science and art come together in the arena of biodiversity.

Fall 2019

ARS 300/500-AM Alternative Media and Non-Traditional Approaches
M/W 5:45 - 8:15pm
Instructor: Doug Baulos

This course is designed to introduce the experience of creatively exploring experimental materials, processes, methods, and ideas in contemporary drawing practice. Emphasis is given to drawing as discovery, testing and expanding vocabulary, its gestures and marks, its pigments, supports and tools, and developing a range of new skills by working with different subjects, processes, tools, and media. Students are first guided in creating innovative works by learning to combine familiar techniques with new approaches and conventional media with unusual formats and surfaces. Extensive experimentation in problem-solving through individual exploration is emphasized.

ARS 310-AP Structure / Re-Structure
T/Th 2:00 - 4:30pm
Instructor: Ty Smith

This course will present and explore various painting structures used in traditional and contemporary painting. These structures serve as visual and conceptual sources and influence the decisions and directions in each painter's work. Through various painting techniques, students will work within a range of approaches, including direct observation, personal invention, technical studies, and process-based painting. Course presentations and demonstrations will be given throughout the course and will help to set up a visual context for both instructed and student-led projects.

ARS 320-AO: Contemporary Woodworking
T/Th 11:00am - 1:30pm
Instructor: Stacey Holloway

This course will explore the techniques and processes of traditional woodworking while applying these methods to contemporary ideas. Students will advance their craft in joinery, turning, bending, carving and finishing while developing a contemporary vocabulary of form and function.

ARS 340-DM: The Color Print
M/W 2:00 - 4:30pm
Instructor: Derek Cracco

Students will investigate color printing using both intaglio and lithographic processes.

ARS 350-AH Typography
M/W 8:00 - 10:30am
Instructor: Doug Barrett

This course is an exploration of letterforms as well as the application of typography and its impact on graphic design. Topics include history and design of letterforms as well as font identification, use of typography in design, and presentations skills.

ARS 360-AK Digital Fabrication II: New Media Applications
M/W 11:15am - 1:45pm
Instructor: Elisabeth Pellathy

This course will investigate digital fabrication tools as craft and design. The creation of new media works and the interaction between the digital and physical world will be investigated. Digital fabrication tools such as the laser etcher and microcontrollers, as relevant to the DIY movement, will be used to make artwork. Students will incorporate design thinking into new media art applications.

ARS 370-AN Alternative Processes in Photography
T/Th 8:00am - 10:30am
Instructor: Sonja Rieger

This class will explore alternative methods of making photographic images from historical media to contemporary trends, which may include Cyanotypes, Mordançage, Lumen Prints, Impossible Project, and Holograms.

ARS 495-AK Bloom Studio
M/W 11:15am - 1:45pm
Instructor: Doug Barrett

BLOOM Studio is a student-run, design studio that focuses on “Design for Good” projects for local non-profits and under-served communities. Each semester we take on community-based projects, working in small groups with local stakeholders to determine the problem and use design thinking to address the needs of clients. Students in this class use a mix of design, illustration, photography, sketching, mapping, ground research, client and community meetings, and presentations to complete projects in a timely manner.

ARS 495/595-DM Book Arts
M/W 2:00 - 4:30pm
Instructor: Doug Baulos

Exploration of the book arts as a vehicle for creative expression and to use the visual book format to develop personalized content and imagery.

ARS 495/595-ZL Web Design
T/Th 5:00 - 7:30pm
Instructor: Melissa Yes

This course explores the interactive design and development process through a series of problem-solving projects that include HTML & CSS coding. No prior programming experience is required. Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar design software is recommended.