Biology in the 21st Century

It Will Change Your World

Steven Austad. Steven Austad, Chair

From personalized medicine to the conquest of diseases, from the discovery of new microbes and how they affect us to uncovering secrets of the complex inner workings of our cells, from investigating the consequences of climate change to how to manage our changing environment, and from gaining new insights into the diversity and evolution of life on earth to perhaps other planets, it all starts here in the Department of Biology at UAB.

Our world-class scientists provide world-class training. We place more undergraduates in health-related professional schools and in nationwide PhD programs than any department in any university in Alabama. We provide a wide range of hands-on research activities for our students, including a broad range of laboratory opportunities as well as the possibility of fieldwork at remote sites such as the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Galápagos Islands, and Antarctica. Our graduate students go on to distinguished careers in many fields and win national prizes for their research.

So come on inside our web site. Look around. Feel the excitement. You truly will find “knowledge that will change your world.”