Program of Study


The Department of Biology has dedicated research and teaching faculty whose interests range from the molecular to the ecological level. The core of our faculty are involved in some aspect of aquatic biology. Many of our faculty have been recognized by the University and regional biological organizations for their excellence in teaching.

The curriculum in biology provides general course offerings for non-majors and prepares the major for graduate study in biology; the professional schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, and allied health sciences; teaching in the secondary schools; and other careers dependent upon basic training in the biological sciences. These careers include the areas of teaching, veterinary medicine, environmental education, and wildlife management/protection in both the public and private sectors. Also, the Department of Biology has a well established Honors Program for those students who excel in academics. This program allows students to perform research under the mentorship of Departmental or Medical Center faculty and graduate with departmental honors.


The department offers the following B.S. degrees in biology as well as a minor in biology:


I. Major in Biology – General Track [see checklist]

II. Major in Biology with a Marine Science Concentration [see checklist]

III. Major in Biology with a Molecular Biology Concentration [see checklist]