Credentialed Instructor, UAB Coordinator of Sustainability
616 Building Room 110
(205) 996-5362

Research and Teaching Interests: Environmental Science, Sustainability, Vegetated Roofs, Service Learning, Campus as a Living Lab

Julie Price (Coordinator of Sustainability for UAB Facilities) working in campus garden, a partnership between UAB Facilities and UAB Committee on Sustainability, where faculty, staff, and students can grow their own vegetables, flowers, and small fruits on campus.Office Hours: By appointment

  • BS, University of the South: Sewanee, Natural Resources
  • MS, Auburn University, Horticulture
  • PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Biology

Growing up in Kentucky and attending in college in Tennessee, I spent my free time outdoors hiking, camping, and spelunking. During and right after college, I was fortunate to have two tremendous internships: the St. Eustatius National Parks in the Netherlands Antilles and the Jackson Hole Land Trust in Wyoming. These experiences inspired me to return to academia to learn more about natural and built environments, and how these resources could be managed for the future.

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During my graduate work at UAB on vegetated roofs, I became involved in the new UAB sustainability program and upon graduation I successfully applied for the first UAB Sustainability Coordinator position. In this role, I spend part of my time teaching courses for the Department of Biology and the Honors College, all of which incorporate service learning at interesting Birmingham organizations like Railroad Park, Birmingham Botanicals, and Jones Valley Teaching Farm. My time outside of class is spent supporting the integration of sustainability into the operational and academic/research functions of the University.

My research interests mainly stem from my staff position as UAB’s Sustainability Coordinator. In this role, I facilitate research that involves operational aspects of the institution (like energy efficiency) and support development of academic sustainability initiatives (like our Red Mountain Project).

Sustainability is generally defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainable activity seeks to achieve, in a balanced manner, economic development, social stability, and environmental protection.

The UAB Sustainability program seeks to support effective conservation and renewal programs to control operating costs and promote environmental sustainability, preserving our physical assets in a sound fiscal manner. We want our built environment to support productivity and innovation, healthy behaviors, and environmental protection.

Our vision is to embed sustainability as a fundamental value at the University. This emphasis will galvanize UAB and surrounding communities around an enduring transformation into a more resilient campus and community. It is our intention, whenever possible, to serve as a “living laboratory” in which the built environment is not only a backdrop of university life, but an integral component of multidisciplinary study and outreach addressing issues relevant to human health, ecosystems, and resource use.
  • ENV 108: Human Populations and the Earth’s Environment
  • HC 119: Honors Freshman Seminar — Sustainability: Economy, Environment, Society
  • Price JG, Watts SA, Wright AN, Peters RW, Kirby JT, "Irrigation lowers substrate temperature and enhances survival of plants on green roofs in the southeastern United States," HortTechnology 21 (No. 5, 2011):586-92.
  • Price JG, Wright AN, Tilt KM, Boyd RL, "Organic matter application improves posttransplant root growth of three native woody shrubs," HortScience 44 (2009):377-83.
  • US Green Building Council
  • Southeast Campus Sustainability Network
  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education