Adjunct Professor
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Research and Teaching Interests: Sustainable Management Practices for Aquaculture

Louis D'Abramo. Office Hours: By appointment

  • BS, Assumption College, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • MPhil and PhD, Yale University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

At the close of the 2012-2013 academic year, I retired from Mississippi State University, having served as Giles Distinguished Professor of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture; Dean emeritus of the Graduate School; and Associate Vice President emeritus for Academic Affairs. I worked at the university for a total of 30 years. Prior to arriving at Mississippi State, I served as a Postgraduate Research Associate at the Bodega Marine Laboratory of the University of California, Davis.

I am the author or co-author of a total of 167 publications, including 84 journal articles and three books. I have a combined 67 years of service as an associate editor/editorial board member for six journals, one magazine, World Aquaculture, and the World Aquaculture Society Book Series. I currently serve as associate editor of the North American Journal of Aquaculture and as section editor for the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.

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My research has been primarily devoted to the development of sustainable management practices for aquaculture. It has focused on nutritional and reproductive physiology with emphasis on freshwater prawn, crayfish, catfish, hybrid striped bass, crabs, abalone, and sea urchins, and differences in physiology based on different life stages. The sustainability endeavors have been based within the context of ecological systems, efficient resource management and culture systems that are compatible with effective management of the biology of the cultured organism. I have developed a patented formulated diet for the culture of larval crustaceans and fish and am currently involved in the development and testing of a purified diet to be used as a standard for the culture of zebrafish for medical research. I am also interested in the development of a formulated bait to be used in the blue crab fishery in the US.
  • Powell ML, Pegues MA, Salai AJ, Ghanta VK, D’Abramo LR, and Watts SA, "Effects of the dietary ω3:ω6 fatty acid ratio on body fat and inflammation in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)," Comparative Medicine 65 (No. 4, 2015):289-94.
  • Tidwell JH, D’Abramo LR, Coyle SD, Bright LA, Shultz RC, Kupchinsky Z, Schwartz P, and Upstrom C, "Production characteristics of all-male and mixed-sex giant river prawns Macrobrachium rosenbergii grown in earthen ponds in Kentucky and Mississippi USA," Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 46 (No. 2, 2015):139-48.
  • D’Abramo LR, "Pre-harvest feeding strategy to enhance long-chain polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of the tail muscle of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii grown in earthen ponds," North American Journal of Aquaculture 77 (Nos. 1-7, 2015).
  • Ciaramella MA, Allen PJ, Joseph P, D’Abramo LR, Silva JL, and Schilling MW, "Effect of salt treatments on survival and consumer acceptability of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii," Aquaculture 428 (2014):184-88.
  • Montaño-Vargas J, Viana MT, D’Abramo LR, Shimada A, and Vásquez-Peláz C, "Growth and energy utilization of juvenile pink abalone Haliotis corrugata fed diets containing different levels of protein and two starch: lipid ratios," Journal of Shellfish Research 24 (No. 4, 2005):1179-85.
  • D'Abramo LR, Steeby JA, Hanson TR, and Gerard PD, "Evaluation of a fingerling to stocker phase as part of a new production strategy for the commercial farming of channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus," North American Journal of Aquaculture 69 (No. 1, 2007):22-35.
  • D’Abramo LR, Perez EI, Sangha R, and Puello-Cruz A, "Successful culture of larvae of Litopenaeus vannamei fed a microbound formulated diet exclusively from either stage PZ2 or M1 to PL1," Aquaculture 261 (2006):1356-62

Books (co-author):
  • Best Paper Award (first author) in the North American Journal of Aquaculture for 2013, American Fisheries Society, 2014.
  • Fellow, World Aquaculture Society, 2013 (for meritorious efforts to advance global aquaculture)
  • Distinguished Service in Education Award, in recognition of exemplary dedication and distinguished service in education to Mississippi State University, Intercultural and Interfaith Dialog Student Association, Mississippi State University, 2013
  • Distinguished Life-Time Achievement Award, United States Aquaculture Society (highest honor bestowed by the United States Aquaculture Society), 2010
  • Meritorious Award, in appreciation and recognition of outstanding leadership and dedicated service, National Shellfisheries Association, Inc., 2007
  • Nominated for Best Paper Award (first author) in the North American Journal of Aquaculture for 2007, 2008, American Fisheries Society
  • Ralph E. Powe Research Excellence Award (highest research honor awarded to faculty in recognition of a distinguished research career), Mississippi State University, 2007
  • Exemplary Service Award, World Aquaculture Society (highest honor bestowed by the society), 2003
  • Mississippi State University Outstanding Faculty Member (Academic Excellence), in honor of outstanding contributions to higher education in Mississippi, Mississippi Association of Colleges, Mississippi State Legislature, 2001-2002
  • John Grisham Master Teacher Award, Mississippi State University, 2000-2001
  • John Grisham Faculty Excellence Award, Mississippi State University, 1994