Ryan Wong headshot.

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Ryan Wong is a 5th Year Master’s Student, a Senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry, and is currently applying to medical school. Ryan is working under Drs. Louis J. Dell’Italia, Brittany Butts, and Jim Collawn at the Center for Heart Failure Research under the Division of Cardiovascular Disease in the School of Medicine at UAB. With their mentorship, Ryan is studying the effects of mitral valve regurgitation, a degenerative mitral valve disease, on cardiac remodeling, heart failure, and post-surgical patient outcomes. He is focused on the effects of chymase and its role in cardiac remodeling in animal and human models. In addition to helping map the heart in MRI studies to analyze the anatomical morphologies and functional capacities of the heart in ways echocardiogram cannot. Finally, he is finishing analysis of patient outcomes with relation to pre- and post-surgical analysis of MRI and Echocardiogram data. Ryan hopes to impact the field of Cardiology and is interested in patient outcomes research, heart failure, and valve disease.

Faculty Advisor: Louis J. Dell’Italia