Sarah Adkins headshot.

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I study science, art, and education.

My microbial research explores the ecological networks of antibiotic resistance gene production and bacterial commensalisms. Though, not every science student gets to do any type of engaging research during college. Literature (like Vision and Change) affirms this notion and posits that there are many barriers to students associating science with creativity or discovery.

That’s why our team (Research on STEM Education) passionately explores science education reform, including the benefit of creative science-art projects, active-learning interventions, and discovery-based education. I helped introduce agar art to UAB's microbiology lab curriculum to platform a novel Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience. Some of the student’s agar art designs can be found on the Instagram hashtag #petridishartUAB. In addition to curricula reform, we use validated educational instruments to assess student outcomes.

In my time out of the lab, I enjoy triathlon training and making art. Find me on twitter and Instagram at @admiraladkins.

Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Morris

Adkins Selected for the 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship is a highly competitive grant given to outstanding graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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