groundbreaking group with shovels

The new Arts and Sciences building will provide our campus community with a state-of-the art facility in which they can work and learn. It will complete the quadrant of high-end buildings around the Green, allow for cohesiveness and convenience, and ensure a safe and efficient campus for our students and faculty.

This building is just one piece of an overall strategic plan for the College of Arts and Sciences, which includes other facility renovations, program development, and faculty and student recruitment to establish a globally competitive university here in the city of Birmingham.

The new building will also elevate UAB’s reputation, be a significant factor in our student and faculty recruitment efforts, and will make UAB even more competitive.

Dean Palazzo says, “When you think about advancing the university, it comes down to three key elements: the people, the programs, and the platforms that we provide. And all of them require the other. Without appropriate platforms, we won’t recruit the best students and faculty. Without the students and faculty, we won’t develop the best programs. Without the programs, we won’t create prosperity for Birmingham region, for the state, and for the country.”