Venkatram R. AtigaddaResearch Assistant Professor
Chemistry Building 250
(205) 996-2737

Research and Teaching Interests: Drug Design and Development

Scott BrandeAssociate Professor
Chemistry Building 289
(205) 934-4747

Research and Teaching Interests: Biological Evolution and the History of Life on Earth, Technology for STEM Education

Richard A Dluhy. Professor and Chair
Chemistry Building 201C
(205) 975-5381

Research and Teaching Interests: Bioanalytical and Biophysical Vibrational Spectroscopy and Imaging, Nanotechnology-based Plasmonics for Biomedical Sensing

Mitzy ErdmannChemistry Instructor
Chemistry Building 281
(205) 975-2953

Research and Teaching Interests: Technology as a form of alternate assessment in the laboratory; materials development for the teaching laboratory; best practices for teaching assistant training

Gary Gray. Professor
Chemistry Building 288
(205) 934-8094

Research Interests: Synthesis and Characterization of New Poly-functional Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds with Applications as Catalysts, Sensor Elements and Sensor Protectors.

Tracy Hamilton. Associate Professor
Chemistry Building 277
(205) 934-8956

Research and Teaching Interests: Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optical Properties

Margaret Johnson. Assistant Professor
Chemistry Building 274
(205) 934-8137

Research and Teaching Interests: Solution NMR-based Structural Biochemistry, Biomolecular Structure and Function, Poly(ADP-ribose) and Nucleic Acids, Evidence-based Instructional Strategies, Educational Outreach

Eugenia KharlampievaAssociate Professor; principal investigator, Kharlampieva Research Group
Chemistry Building 272
(205) 934-0974

Research and Teaching Interests: Polymer Chemistry, Stimuli-responsive Materials, Functional Surfaces, Bionanotechnology, Drug Delivery, Regenerative Medicine

Aaron Lucius. Professor; Graduate Program Director
Chemistry Building 292
(205) 934-8096

Research and Teaching Interests: Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Thermodynamics of Protein-protein and Protein-ligand Interactions, Pre-steady State Kinetics, Enzyme Mechanism, and Motor Proteins

Joe March. Professor; Associate Director, Science and Technology Honors Program
Chemistry Building 286
(205) 934-8788

Research and Teaching Interests: Active Learning Strategies in the Chemistry Classroom, Technology in the Classroom, Early College Experiences Leading to the Lab

Jacqueline Nikles. Associate Professor; Coordinator of Undergraduate Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Building 283
(205) 934-8130

Teaching Interests: Organic Chemistry, Writing and Critical Thinking in Organic Chemistry 

Research Interests: Targeted Drug Delivery for Chemotherapy, Chemical Education

James Patterson. Assistant Professor
Chemistry Building 256
(205) 975-9146

Research and Teaching Interests: Inorganic Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Mechanics, Molecular Dynamics

Robert Reynolds. Research Professor
Chemistry Building 221
(205) 934-9547

Research and Teaching Interests: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Rational Drug Design, Infectious Diseases and Cancer

""Instructional Teaching and Research Fellow
Chemistry Building 260
(205) 996-1571

Research and Teaching Interests: Organic Chemistry, Electron Transfer Chemistry, Molecular Charge Storage, Electron Donor-Acceptor Bonding, Photochemistry, Photo-Electro-Responsive Materials, Novel Boronic Acid fluorescent materials that can also be converted to conductive polymers

Sadanandan Velu.

Associate Professor
Chemistry Building 280
(205) 975-2478

Research and Teaching Interests: Organic/Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development, Anti-cancer and Anti-infective Agents, Structure Based Drug Design, Fragment based Drug Discovery,

Sergey Vyazovkin. Professor
Chemistry Building 262
(205) 975-9410

Research and Teaching Interests: Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Thermophysical Properties of Materials, Kinetics and Mechanisms of Thermally Stimulated Processes

Pengfei Wang

Chemistry Building 278
(205) 996-5625

Research and Teaching Interests: Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Synthetic Methodology, Photoresponsive Materials, Synthetic Vaccines and Vaccine Adjuvants

""Assistant Professor
Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering 234A
(205) 996-1395

Research and Teaching Interests: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Structure and Spectroscopy, Metalloenzymes – Structure and Function, Bio-inspired Model Chemistry, Environmentally Benign (Green) Catalysis, and Pathways to Careers in Chemistry

Jun Zhang. Assistant Professor
Chemistry Building 266
(205) 934-2139

Research and Teaching Interests: Biochemistry, Regulation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, RNA-binding Protein Dynamics and Structure, NMR, Crystallography