Mitzy ErdmannChemistry Instructor
Chemistry Building 281
(205) 975-2953

Research and Teaching Interests: Technology as a form of alternate assessment in the laboratory; materials development for the teaching laboratory; best practices for teaching assistant training

Office Hours: By appointment

  • BS, Loyola University
  • MS, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Erdmann completed work towards her PhD in the UAB Chemistry Department, focusing on the use of video technology in the classroom and its effectiveness as a teaching tool. As laboratory coordinator she continues to implement novel education strategies in the Introductory and General Chemistry teaching laboratories and assess their usefulness as learning tools for her students. Dr. Erdmann also enlists a number of active-learning best practices in her General Chemistry lectures.

  • 100-Level Laboratory Coordinator (CH: 106, 108, 114, 116, 118, and 119)