Scott BrandeAssociate Professor
Chemistry Building 289
(205) 934-4747

Research and Teaching Interests: Biological Evolution and the History of Life on Earth, Technology for STEM Education

Office Hours: By appointment

  • BS, University of Rochester, Biology-Geology
  • MS, California Institute of Technology, Geology
  • PhD, SUNY at Stony Brook, Paleontology

I grew up in Altoona, Pennsylvania, on the westernmost valley and ridge in the Appalachian Mountains. Coal deliveries to our home for stoking the basement furnace during the cold winter months became the first geological quarry of my collecting career — the pyrite veins were irresistible in my eyes. Just blocks from my house stood an entire hillside of fossiliferous stone in which I collected trilobites and other fossils of the Paleozoic Era. As a guest investigator at an archeological site in Israel, I found a hippopotamus tooth that documented these animals living in the Jordan River some 780,000 years ago. However, I was most excited when, as a college student, I stumbled upon a boulder that later revealed a new genus and species of ancient fish, eventually given my family name — Sterropterygion brandei.

The UAB geology department, in which I taught a diversity of undergraduate geology courses for 19 years, closed in 1998 and I joined the chemistry department. I don’t believe in knowledge silos. My wide-ranging interests in geoscience, biology, and technology for education have driven me through departmental and disciplinary walls like an asteroid through the roof. I have a secondary appointment in the department of electrical and computer engineering, and I serve on graduate committees across campus, from biology to engineering. I collaborate with colleagues in Turkey and Israel. And I engage in public service, speaking to local clubs, school groups from kindergarten through high school. I am an entrepreneur, having co-invented and continue to develop with Kursat Arslan, my Turkish colleague, web software for teaching and learning, which the UAB Research Foundation nominated to 2012 Alabama Launchpad competition. Our project made it to the finals, but we didn’t win the $100,000. Bummer. For more detailed information, check out my social network profiles on LinkedIn and Google+.

My current research interests are focused on the continuing development of web services for using video in science (STEM) education, and on the subjects of graduate students on whose committees I sit. 
  • Present: with Reda El-Arafy (PhD candidate, Dept. of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering), on the geological and radiological analysis of rock samples from the Western Sinai Desert, Egypt.
  • Present: with Andrew Gentry (PhD candidate, Dept. of Biology), on “The Redescription of the Cretaceous marine turtle Ctenochelys acris (Zangerl, 1953), and a Systematic Revision of the ‘toxochelyid’ Grade Taxa Using Cladistic Analysis.”
  • Present: with Danny Smith (PhD candidate, Interdisciplinary Engineering), on “An Interdisciplinary Model for the Development of Alabama Oil Sands.”
  • Present: with Prof. Kursat Arslan (Dokuz Eylul University, Ankara, Turkey) on the development of EZSnips, a software platform for web-based video snipping, teacher collaboration, and deployment for teaching and learning.
  • Past: with Prof. Murat Taniik and Dr. James Willig (Medical Informatics, 1917 Clinic-UAB), on the development of a system for distributing HIV dosing requirements via cellphone in Zambia.
  • Past: with Prof. Na'ama Goren-Inbar and Idit Saragusti (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) on morphometric analysis of Middle Pleistocene bifacial tools from northern Israel.
  • Past: with Prof. Yossi Heller (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) on morphometric analysis of modern and fossil snails in Israel.
  • ES 101: Physical Geology, lecture
  • ES 102: Physical Geology, laboratory
  • ES 107: Directed Readings in Earth Science
  • ES 609: Directed Readings in Earth Science
  • ES 798: Graduate Research
  • Brande, S.; Gampher, E.; Nakhmani, A; Snyder, S.  2014. Psychological, Mathematical, and Pedagogical Analysis of Video Streams for Measures of Student Engagement. Society for Design and Process Science 2014, 15-19 June, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. 7 pp.
  • Steidl, P.; Ferguson, P.; Litzinger, L.; Brande, S.; Ponstein, J.; Higdon, J. Evaluation of coal particles from the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama-Application of digital image analysis. 1997. Proc. Coalbed Methane Symposium, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.
  • Brande, S.; J. Frandsen. The Evolution/Creation Controversy during the 1995 Alabama Science Textbook Adoption in Alabama. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science.1997, 68, 59-76.
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  • Brande, S.; Saragusti, I. A morphometric model and landmark analysis of Acheulian hand axes from northern Israel. In Advances in Morphometrics; Springer US, 1996; pp 423-435.
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  • 2006 Outstanding Educator Award of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies after nomination by the Alabama Geological Society. Award presented at the GCAGS meeting, 25 September 2006, Lafayette, LA
  • Member: Alabama Academy of Science; American Institute of Professional Geologists; Geological Society of America; Sigma Xi; Society for Design and Process Science
  • Licensed Professional Geologist, #415 (Alabama), 2015-2017