Female medical student conducting a lab test. With a world-renowned medical center on campus, UAB attracts many students interested in health care careers. But since you can't go directly from high school to med school, what are you supposed to major in?

Consider Chemistry! If medicine, dentistry, or optometry is what you want to do, our pre-health program to help you meet your goal. Working together with CAS Advising, the department will help you become a competitive applicant for health professional programs. You will take courses in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics in addition to classes in humanities and social sciences. You will also take a comprehensive entrance exam in your junior year for the health profession in which you are most interested.

You'll find advice from faculty and CAS Advising on these pages, as well as details about the pre-dental, pre-medical, and pre-optometry programs. We strongly advise you to talk to CAS Advising about your plans so they can help you become a successful applicant for the medical program you want to apply for.