Female and male students of different races listening to a lecture. The Communication Management concentration is designed for students interested in the general principles of communication from interpersonal relationships to the theory and practice of public dialogue.

Course Catalog

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for Communication majors are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

Program Requirements

All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. The major requirements consist of 39 hours of Communication Management courses (at least 6 at the 400 level).

All communication studies majors must take:

The history of newspapers, books, magazines, radio, television, cinema, recording industry, and the internet, focusing on current events, civic responsibilities and the role, value of diversity when appropriate. Ethics and Civic Responsibility are significant components of this course. 3 hours.
Communication and persuasion as ideas in Western thought, ranging from Greek to contemporary period. 3 hours.
Research questions, design, methodology, data gathering, and analysis. Practice in conducting, interpreting, and communicating research findings to public. Ethical considerations of conductions research with human subjects. Ethics and Civic Responsibility are significant components of this course. Junior standing required. 3 hours.

In addition to the three required courses (9 credit hours), you will take 30 credit hours of Communication Studies electives at the 300-level or higher; at least 6 hours must be taken at the 400-level.

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