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Cyber Security Certificate

The graduate-level certificate in Cyber Security is intended for students who are interested in training in the core areas of cyber security and digital forensics. It is a 9 credit hour program intended to develop fundamental skills, including familiarity with industry practices, methods, and problem-solving skills critical for success in the areas of cyber security. This certificate program also seeks to provide to current employees in the public and private sectors an opportunity to obtain training in the core areas of cyber security, which may help in career advancement.

CIS student in a darkend computer lab. The Cyber Security Certificate focuses on:

  • Fundamental knowledge in major computer security topics — including cyber threats, malware, information assurance, authorization, applied cryptography, web security, mobile and wireless security, network security, systems/software security, database and storage security, user-centered security, and best security practices and countermeasures.
  • Skills to apply this knowledge to solve basic real-world cyber security problems.

This certificate serves as a badge testifying that you have mastered fundamental knowledge in major cyber security topics and essential skills in investigating and remedying cyber security threats and events. Students who earn this badge are also prepared to explore and investigate new emerging cyber security issues. Once you complete the certificate you can continue to complete a M.S. degree in Computer Science or a M.S. degree in Cyber Security jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and the J. Frank Barefield, Jr. Department of Criminal Justice. Students who are already in the M.S. in Computer Science or M.S. in Data Science program are eligible to apply for the certificate as part of their effort to fulfill the degree requirements whereas those in M.S. in Cyber Security are not.

Certificate Program Requirements

The graduate certificate requires students complete three courses and earn a B or better in each course:

  • CS 623: Network Security
  • CS 636: Computer Security
  • and one of the following:
    • CS 537: Cybercrime and Forensics
    • CS 654: Malware Analysis
    • CS 643: Cloud Security
    • CS 645: Modern Cryptography
    • CS 646: Digital Currency
    • CS 657: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
    • CS 689: Cyber Risk Management

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

Applicants are required to have completed a four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning and have acquired substantial experience in studying, applying or developing computer or software based applications and systems.


Upon completion of the program requirements you will receive a certificate signed by the Department Chair of Computer Science and the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. Since this is a Category B certificate, it will not be identified on a UAB transcript.


For more information about the Computer Forensics Certificate Program, please contact Dr. Chengcui Zhang.