Secondary Faculty

  • Curtis Carver

    Professor of Computer Science; Vice President and Chief Information Officer, UAB Dr. Curtis Carver serves as Vice President and Chief Information Officer at UAB. He rose through the faculty ranks at the United States Military Academy to Professor of Computer Science and continues to teach in the classroom and online, holding faculty positions at both Georgia State University and UAB.

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  • Jake Chen

    Professor of Computer Science; Associate Director, UAB Informatics Institute Dr. Jake Chen is the Associate Director and Chief Bioinformatics Officer of the Informatics Institute, Professor of Genetics, and the chief of Informatics Section of the Genetics Department at the UAB School of Medicine.

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  • James Cimino

    Professor of Computer Science; Professor of Medicine, Director of the UAB Informatics Institute In 2015 Dr. Cimino left the National Institutes of Health to be the inaugural director of the Informatics Institute at the UAB.

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  • Jeffrey Curtis

    Professor of Computer Science; Professor of Medicine in the Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, UAB Dr. Jeffrey Curtis serves as a Professor of Computer Science at UAB.

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  • J. Crawford Downs

    Professor of Computer Science; Vice-chair of Research, Director of Ocular Biomechanics and Biotransport Program, Professor — UAB Department of Ophthalmology Dr. Downs is a professor of ophthalmology and vice-chair of research for the UAB Department of Ophthalmology.

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  • Elliot Lefkowitz

    Professor, Department of Microbiology Dr. Elliot Lefkowitz is the Director of Informatics, Center for Clinical and Translational Science; Director, Molecular and Genetic Bioinformatics Facility, Center for AIDS Research; and Director, Bioinformatics Core, Microbiome Facility

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  • Matthew Might

    Professor of Computer Science; Director, UAB's Hugh Kaul Personalized Medicine Institute Matthew Might, Ph.D., a strategic leader appointed to the White House Precision Medicine Initiative by former President Barack Obama, has been named the inaugural director of the Hugh Kaul Personalized Medicine Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.

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  • John D. Osborne

    Assistant Professor of Medicine; UAB Informatics Institute Dr. John Osborne has a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer Science where he teaches Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a focus on biomedical text.

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Adjunct Faculty

  • Daisy Wong

    Dr. Daisy Wong is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience as a software architect and engineer, technical manager, and IT executive.

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