Assistant Professor of Medicine; UAB Informatics Institute

Dr. John Osborne has a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer Science where he teaches Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a focus on biomedical text.

Dr. Osborne came to UAB by way of the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern University where he worked to develop the Disease Ontology while participating in various caBIG related projects. He has worked in microbial bioinformatics both at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and at UAB’s Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center. His current research focus is on Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly biomedical concept normalization with applications to clinical phenotyping and drug repurposing.

Dr. Osborne and his lab develop and maintain NLP integrated registry systems at UAB to identify patients of interest to researchers and clinical care providers. Current phenotypes of interest include reportable cancers, multiple myeloma, delirium, fragility and opiate use disorder.