Pre-Law Summer Camp 2020 (Juniors and Seniors)

Daily Activities

Students will be prepped for the trial re-imagined through a schedule that looks like this:

  • Online Preparation: Watch Videos and Take Online Quizzes
  • Day 1 Online: Orientation, Team Formation, Writing Exercises, Exploring the Case
  • Day 2 Online: Focus on Scottsboro, AL., Visit museum, Examine primary documents, Unsung Hero’s lecture (Judge J. Graham), Instructor led writing exercises
  • Day 3 Online: De-brief and transition into trial basis - the anatomy of trial work, Writing will focus on restorative justice (From each role perspective (Judge, Prosecutor, Defense attorney, etc. how would we rewrite the Scottsboro Nine trial)
  • Day 4 Online: Assuming courtroom roles and enacting the participants actual rewrite of the Scottsboro Nine trial.
  • Day 5 Online: Prepare pre-professional competencies for mock mediation and present mock mediation.
  • Day 6 Online: Prepare pre-professional competencies for mock trial.
  • Day 7 Online: Mock trial.

Camp Content

Camp is led by instructors, attorneys, practicing professionals and Scottsboro subject matter experts.