Graduate internshipGraduate internships provide students in the masters’ programs the opportunity to work in an agency setting or in the private sector and gain valuable experience while completing their degree program.

Graduate internships are available with a variety of agencies including the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, US Postal Inspectors, National Security Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Alabama Department of Forensic Science.

Students should meet with Internship Coordinator Martha Earwood to learn about opportunities that are available.

Internships for Forensic Science

The Forensic Science program is a full course of study, therefore internships are prohibited until the fall of the second year. Students who have completed their research will be eligible for internships upon the recommendation of their advisor and the program director. Internships are usually available at the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and the Birmingham Police Department. Students in their second year are encouraged to find additional sources for internships.