Words make things happen. Here in the English department, we study the power and pleasures of language. Our students learn to read and analyze all kinds of written texts, to write forcefully, and to give form to their creativity.
Ideal for students who wish to pursue careers as teachers of writing or as professional writers or editors, the theme in Rhetoric and Composition focuses attention on the art and craft of teaching, on the many roles of writing in business and industry, and on the history and practices of public discourse itself — from political rhetoric and the rhetoric of advertising to the complex uses of language and imagery in contemporary magazine and internet publications.

Admission Requirements

Closeup of hands writing on a notebook. For admission in good standing, you must meet the UAB Graduate School's requirements for scholarship and test scores. You should normally have finished the requirements for an undergraduate degree in English, including satisfactory completion of at least six semester hours in a foreign language. A generally well-prepared applicant who is lacking in some part of the undergraduate preparation may be admitted with the provision that any deficiencies be removed by a time specified by the graduate program director.

Plans of Study

Rhetoric and Composition students can choose between writing a thesis (Plan I) and taking area exams (Plan II). We invite you to read a general overview of the procedures governing the plans, while theme-specific requirements for Plan I and Plan II and course descriptions can be found in the UAB Graduate Catalog.

Graduate School Information

For information about applying to the Rhetoric and Composition program, contact us or visit the UAB Graduate School website.
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