Program Description (revised 8/2008)

The Program Description is a printable document that sets forth most of the basic rules of the graduate program.

Tracking Documents

Current students and faculty will likely find it helpful to consult the Program Paperwork document (which includes checklists for both Plan I and Plan II students). It sets forth the various forms and documents that need to be completed for a timely graduation.

Graduate Student Handbook

The UAB Graduate School publishes a handbook that sets forth many of the administrative policies that govern all UAB graduate students. If you are puzzled about a policy or have questions about what is and is not allowed by the Graduate School, this document is the first resource to consult.

Assistantship & Fellowship Materials

The Department of English offers some limited graduate student support in the form of Graduate Assistantships, Dean's Assistantships, and a Diversity Fellowship. For further information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Additional Forms Available for Download or Online Submission

The complete listing of Graduate School Forms offers several documents of particular interest to English graduate students, including admissions forms, non-degree admissions forms, applications for admission to candidacy, applications for degrees, etc.

Worksheets for Graduate Students

Current graduate students would be wise to download and print the course planning worksheet appropriate to their chosen theme, and then use that sheet to plan a course of studies for the next two or three semesters.