DeJordique Pearson in Vietnam. DeJordique Pearson in Vietnam. Our linguistics students garner awards, teach, go to graduate school, and participate in community events. Here are a few updates about our current students and alumni:

  • Lauron Brooke Knighton won the department's inaugural Outstanding Linguistics Student award.
  • DeJordique Pearson is enjoying teaching English in Vietnam.
  • Rebecca Kummer received the department's Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in English here at UAB.
  • Jonathan Anders received the Outstanding Foreign Language Emergent Student Award.
  • Nathan Gravitt received the Outstanding Student Award in Chinese Language.
  • Robert Smith has been accepted to the PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Florida.
  • Tiffany Barnes has been accepted into the JET program.

The UAB Linguistics Club participated in the 2015 Homecoming Gurney Race, with the team name "The Cunning Linguists featuring Nim Chimpsky and the Four Saussurean Signs."

The Linguistics Club gurney team, 2015. Linguistics team gurney passenger Nim Chimpsky. Save