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Research and Teaching Interests: 20th Century English and Irish Fiction; Modern Drama, Ibsen to Present; James Joyce

Office Hours: By appointment

  • BA, Transylvania University, English
  • MA, University of Kentucky, English
  • PhD, University of Kentucky, English

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, William Hutchings has taught in the UAB English Department since 1981, specializing in twentieth-century English and Irish novels, Modern British and European Drama since 1870, and the works of James Joyce. His most recent book is Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot: A Research Guide (Praeger), and he has written a book on English playwright David Storey in addition to editing a volume of essays on his plays. He has published over 100 articles and reviews on such diverse authors as James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Alan Sillitoe, Harold Pinter, Peter Shaffer, Woody Allen, and 1930's film star Mae West. He has received both the Eugene Constance-Garcia Award for Distinction in Literary Scholarship and the UAB President's Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching.

For the past eleven years, he has served as the discussion leader of a private book group that meets monthly (except in summers). He is also an ardent collector of first editions; his favorite books are those whose style and content challenge readers to rethink whatever they believe they know about literature or, for that matter, about life itself.

During the summer of 2014, Professor Hutchings took part in a UAB Faculty Exchange with the Università Gabriella D'Annunzio in Pescara, Italy, and he presented a paper at the International James Joyce Symposium in Utrecht, Netherlands.

  • British Novel: The Modern Age
  • James Joyce
  • Modern British and European Drama
  • Censorship, Obscenity, and the Law: The Trials and the Texts
  • Modern American Drama: The Greatest Hits
  • Shakespeare: The Greatest Hits
  • Reading, Writing, and Researching for the English Major
  • Survey of World Literature II
  • Survey of English and Irish Literature II
  • Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot: A Reference Guide (Praeger, 2005).

Book Chapters:
  • "Post-Colonial Strindberg: Yael Farber's South African Mies Julie," in Text & Presentation, 2013, Graley Herren, ed. (Comparative Drama Conference Series 10, McFarland, 2014): 69-78.
  • "Woody Allen and the Literary Canon," in A Companion to Woody Allen, Peter J. Bailey and Sam B. Girgus, eds (Companions to Film Directors 6, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013): 359-80.
  • "'. . . But What Do You Say To [Much Less About] Harold Pinter?'" in Remembering / Celebrating Harold Pinter: The Pinter Review: Memorial Volume, 2009-2011, Francis Gillen, ed. (University of Tampa Press, 2011): 112-14.
  • “‘In the Old Style,’ Yet Anew: Happy Days in the ‘AfterBeckett,’” in A Companion to Samuel Beckett, S. E. Gontarski, ed. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010): 308-25.
  • “‘Oh, die Angst! die Angst!’: Romeo and Juliet as Rock Opera,” in Western Drama through the Ages: A Student Reference Guide, Kimball King, ed. (Greenwood Press, 2007): 2:462-73.

Articles and Reviews:
  • "Beckett: More Animals than You Would Expect," review of Mary Bryden, ed., Beckett and Animals, in The James Joyce Literary Supplement 28 (Spring 2014): 15-16.
  • Review of Robert Gordon, Harold Pinter: The Theatre of Power, in Comparative Drama 47 (Summer 2013): 251-54.
  • "The Joycean Shakespeares of Robert Nye: Mrs Shakespeare: The Complete Works and The Late Mr Shakespeare," Cuadernos de Literatura Inglesa y Norteamericana (Buenos Aires) 14 (Mayo-Novembre 2011): 79-91.
  • Eugene Constant-Garcia Award for Distinction in Literary Scholarship, 2007
  • UAB President's Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching, 1996
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Modern Language Association 1972-present; delegate assembly member, 2010-2013
  • Editorial Board, Comparative Drama Conference
  • Editorial Board, Text and Presentation; annual volume of the Comparative Drama Conference
  • International James Joyce Foundation
  • Samuel Beckett Society
  • Harold Pinter Society