Extraordinary Scholarship

Publications. It is the focus the Department of History's purpose. The faculty has a wealth of experience in teaching and research, and we perform at extraordinary levels in service to the university and the wider community. We produce concerted and sustained scholarship, best seen in the books and articles that are our forte. We are proud to be both teaching history and writing it, and our efforts have been recognized through awards for scholarship and teaching as well as grants and fellowships that support new research.

The History faculty teach in areas that touch upon important issues in the nation and the world, the city and the state. We have concentrations in US History, European History, Ancient History, Japanese History, and Southern History. Faculty members proudly mentor both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in scholarly conferences and local community events. Our students have presented their research at regional and national conferences.

This close relationship between our determined faculty and our energetic students can be seen in department-sponsored student events and publications. Both groups invite speakers in to discuss their research or historical insights; both have shared awards and honors.

The History Department offers a fundamental opportunity to address the global world. We strive to give our students a clear understanding of a changing world and all its challenges. History is alive; it drives the present and the future.

Join us on the journey.