Andrew Baer. Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8693
Heritage Hall 360G

Research and Teaching Interests: 20th-century United States; African American history; urban history; race, policing, and social movements

Colin J. Davis. Professor
(205) 934-8691
Heritage Hall 360H1

Research and Teaching Interests: US labor, transnational labor, History of Film: US labor history, the Great Depression, the 1950s

Harriet Doss. Associate Professor
(205) 934-4534
Heritage Hall 360M

Research and Teaching Interests: American History, 1815-1877 including antebellum, Civil War and Reconstruction and Southern women

Michelle Forman. Director, Media Studies Program
(205) 934-8560
Heritage Hall 360E

Research and Teaching Interests: Film history, documentary production and distribution, science and health media, cinematic representation of the other, animal theory

Stella Ghervas. Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8690
Heritage Hall 360J

Research and Teaching Interests: European and international history, history of Russia and Southeastern Europe, intellectual history, cultural and political history, international relations, legal history, war and peace studies, maritime history, Black Sea region

Andrew Keitt. Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Program
(205) 934-7083
Heritage Hall 360N

Research and Teaching Interests: Inquisition studies, history of science, history of medicine, cognitive science of religion

Pamela Sterne KingAssistant Professor; Director, Undergraduate Program
(205) 996-5464
Heritage Hall 360A

Research and Teaching Interests: Civil Rights, Jim Crow segregation and desegregation, Birmingham and Alabama, women's work, oral history, and historic preservation/public history

George Liber. Professor
(205) 934-8696
Heritage Hall 360S

Research and Teaching Interests: Soviet, post-Soviet, and East European social history; center-periphery relations in the Soviet Union and its successor states; nationalism and national identity formation; processes of democratization; 20th century Ukrainian history

Andre Millard. Professor
(205) 934-0901
Heritage Hall 360T

Research and Teaching Interests: Popular culture, film and music, World War II

Stephen Miller. Associate Professor
(205) 975-6531
Heritage Hall 360Q

Research and Teaching Interests: The history of capitalism, early modern Europe, and the French Revolution

Pamela Murray. Professor
(205) 934-8695
Heritage Hall 360U

Research and Teaching Interests: Social and political history of modern Spanish America , history of women in Latin America, modern Colombia (19th-20th centuries)

Brian Steele. Associate Professor
(205) 934-5487
Heritage Hall 356

Research and Teaching Interests: American intellectual and cultural history, American Revolution and early republic, historiography, nationalism, gender

John E. Van Sant. Associate Professor; Interim Chair
(205) 975-6520
Heritage Hall 360C

Research and Teaching Interests: East Asia, primarily Japan and China; World History

Walter Ward. Associate Professor
(205) 934-8699
Heritage Hall 360D

Research and Teaching Interests: Roman Near East, early Christianity, early Islam