Andrew Baer. Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8693
Heritage Hall 360G

"" Visiting Assistant Professor
(205) 934-9986
Heritage Hall 360K

Research and Teaching Interests: Modern U.S. History; environmental history; the history of race, class, gender, and sexuality; 19th and 20th Century social and political movements

Michelle Forman. Director, Media Studies Program
(205) 934-8560
Heritage Hall 360E

Research and Teaching Interests: Film history, documentary production and distribution, science and health media, cinematic representation of the other, animal theory

Andrew Keitt. Associate Professor; Director, Graduate Program
(205) 934-7083
Heritage Hall 360N

Research and Teaching Interests: Inquisition studies, history of science, history of medicine, cognitive science of religion

George Liber. Professor
(205) 934-8696
Heritage Hall 360S

Research and Teaching Interests: Soviet, post-Soviet, and East European social history; center-periphery relations in the Soviet Union and its successor states; nationalism and national identity formation; processes of democratization; 20th century Ukrainian history

Andre MillardProfessor
(205) 934-0901
Heritage Hall 360T

Research and Teaching Interests: Popular culture, film and music, World War II

Stephen Miller. Associate Professor
(205) 975-6531
Heritage Hall 360Q

Research and Teaching Interests: The history of capitalism, early modern Europe, and the French Revolution

Pamela Murray. Professor
(205) 934-8695
Heritage Hall 360U

Research and Teaching Interests: Social and political history of modern Spanish America , history of women in Latin America, modern Colombia (19th-20th centuries)

Brian Steele. Associate Professor
(205) 934-5487
Heritage Hall 356

Research and Teaching Interests: American intellectual and cultural history, American Revolution and early republic, historiography, nationalism, gender

John E. Van Sant. Associate Professor
(205) 975-6520
Heritage Hall 360C

Research and Teaching Interests: East Asia, primarily Japan and China; World History


Associate Professor
(205) 934-8699
Heritage Hall 360D

Research and Teaching Interests: Roman Near East, early Christianity, early Islam

""Professor and Chair
(205) 934-8691
Heritage Hall 360

Research and Teaching Interests: Modern European History, German History, Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, comparative racism, transatlantic relations

William Womack Visiting Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8698
Heritage Hall 360L

Research and Teaching Interests: Global and imperial histories in their connection to minority identities in colonial-era Burma (Myanmar)

Extension 65464
Heritage Hall 360A

Research and Teaching Interests: Contemporary US Political Culture, History of Women, Gender, and the Family, History of Energy and Environment, History of post-Vietnam US Nationalism