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Research and Teaching Interests: History of Technology, Technology & Society

Office Hours: Tu/Th 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

André Millard is a historian of technology who also teaches in the School of Engineering. After graduating from Emory University with a Ph.D. in 1983 he was an editor of the Thomas Edison Papers in New Jersey. He has published several books about America’s greatest inventor and the industries he founded.

Millard’s interest in technology extends to its cultural impact and the ways it affects our daily lives. He believes that technology informs every part of history from the moment that Homo Sapiens started to make stone tools. His research interests range from the impact of sound recording on American culture to the role that technology played in the Holocaust. Millard works with the Birmingham Holocaust Education Centre in its mission to understand the causes and consequences of this tragedy. He is currently developing a series of radio broadcasts based on his recent book about James Bond’s gadgets, Equipping James Bond.

HY 106: World History and Technology

andre millardAndré Millard has collaborating with his colleague Amber Genau of Materials Science and Engineering in developing a new core history class: “World History and Technology.” Here they are in Dr. Genau’s Solidification Lab in the School of Engineering with some of the tools and texts to bring a new perspective to world history: one focused on science and technology. Scientific advances in areas like climatology and genome sequencing have unlocked many mysteries of our past, and this class will inform students about the new discoveries that are rewriting history. This class has a special focus on the history of medicine and brings guest in speakers from the Schools of Medicine and Nursing to keep us up to date on the advances in the health sciences