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Student Research

UAB students study long-stemmed seaweed in the Antarctic. All of our students, undergraduate and graduate, are encouraged to participate in research. These students receive support from the College and from the University in the forms of faculty advice and guidance, identification of research opportunities, facilitating interdisciplinary cooperation, and providing forums for publicizing research results.

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Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Programs in the College

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Graduate Entrepreneurship Awards

Graduate students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to compete for three graduate entrepreneurship awards. The goal of the competition is to promote student innovation and entrepreneurship across all graduate programs in the College and is open to all students in all MS and PhD graduate programs.

The graduate students participating in this program will undergo training in intellectual property disclosure and patent filings, and will gain hands-on experience in assessing market and business potential of early-stage technologies.

The graduate entrepreneurship awards are a collaboration of the College, the UAB Research Foundation (UABRF), the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA), and the Innovation Depot in downtown Birmingham.

Submission Deadlines and Questions

To be announced.
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Master of Public Administration/Juris Doctor

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Spanish for Specific Purposes

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Computer Forensics

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Nonprofit Management

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Medical Sociology

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