Honors Introduction to Ethics || PHL 125

Instructor: Joshua May
Time: M/W/F 1:25 - 2:15 p.m.
Level:  Undergraduate

Open to students in UAB’s Honors College, this course will be a special introduction to ethics. Students will be broken up into debate teams, modeled on the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competition (which UAB’s team competes in every year, coached by Dr. May). There will be some lectures on moral philosophy and on how to effectively analyze and debate contemporary moral problems. But much of the course will be structured around working in teams to analyze these complex ethical issues facing society today. The ethical issues arise in political affairs, professional contexts (e.g. medical, business, journalism, law), and interpersonal relationships. Students will research the facts of several real-life cases, compose in writing and present orally arguments on how the cases should be resolved, and respond to questions raised by an opposing team or judges. So students must be willing and able to engage in public speaking (in class). No prerequisites. This course counts toward Core Area II (Humanities & Fine Arts). Ethics and Civic Responsibility are significant components of this course (QEP).

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