Graduate Assistants

Jaylah Cosby

Jaylah CosbyJaylah Cosby is a graduate student in the Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She also earned her BA in Communications from UAB. She served as a Jefferson County Memorial Project Fellow and completed the 2020 Summer Peacebuilding Institute at Eastern Mennonite University, focusing on transforming community spaces and restorative justice. Her focus is on examining the peacebuilding processes that communities practice after acts of racial terror and utilizing those same processes to heal communities still suffering from that trauma.

“It is a tremendous honor to be a part of the Institute for Human Rights. The ultimate goal is to actualize every human being's rights equitably and collaboratively, and the institute is doing its part to help achieve it."


Endia Harris

Endia HarrisEndia Harris is currently a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Endia received her undergraduate degree in Political Science with a minor in International Relations, Global Politics, and Foreign Policy from Alabama State University. Endia completed a senior thesis where she utilized the theoretical paradigms of intersectionality and micro mobilization to highlight the invaluable contributions made by women during the 1955 – 1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott. Endia has also gained valuable experience working closely with federal non-profit organizations. Endia’s area of focus within the IHR is community outreach.

“I am delighted to aid the Institute for Human Rights in its efforts to educate society about the multifaceted components of human rights. Human rights topics are best understood through open dialogue in safe spaces. I look forward to facilitating and participating in meaningful conversations and events tailored towards the protection of human rights globally.”


Clarke Tulloch

Clarke TullochClarke Tulloch is pursuing a Master's of Science dual degree in Health Administration and Health Informatics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Clarke earned a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Distribution from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Clarke started a non-profit addressing food insecurity, homelessness and women's rights in the greater Birmingham region. Clarke is excited to serve as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Institute for Human Rights at UAB.

"To serve others, give back to humanity is the ultimate purpose. I am honored to be apart of the Institute for Human Rights because it serves and protects communities that represent vulnerable and marginalized populations."


Evan Wiley Smith

Evan WileyEvan Wiley Smith is a graduate student studying Peace and Human Rights at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he also received his bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy. In his undergraduate studies, he focused on political theory and existential philosophy. In his graduate studies, he is researching post-conflict reconciliation and divided societies, especially in the Northern Ireland conflict. Evan Wiley has previously served on the board of Birmingham Sister Cities, interned in the Mayor of Birmingham’s Office of Economic Development, and was involved in USGA as Chief Justice and Senator-at-Large.