Courtney Andrews, Program Manager


Dr. Courtney Andrews is the Program Manager at the IHR. With a doctorate in medical anthropology, her research focuses on the intersections of culture and biology with special attention to health disparities in marginalized and vulnerable populations. Andrews serves as senior blog editor and community liaison at the IHR, and she is involved in several ongoing research projects in the areas of gender violence, accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities, and refugee health. In addition to her work at the IHR, Andrews teaches in the Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights master's program at UAB.

“I believe with Paul Farmer that global health equity depends on something as precious as health being recognized as a human right, and I’m inspired by the important work the IHR is doing to promote and sustain positive peace in our community and beyond as we work towards a more equitable appropriation of human rights, especially to the most vulnerable among us.”

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