The International Studies (ITS) major is an interdisciplinary course of study that gives you an understanding of the different values and structures that characterize the world’s diverse societies. You will learn about the institutions that produce economic, social, cultural, and political interdependence among nations. Our students graduate with a broad yet deep knowledge of cultures, organizations, and societies outside the United States — a different educational experience than any traditional discipline might offer.

Stylized image of people at a festival. The ITS major gives you the background necessary to pursue a variety of public and private-sector careers. Employment opportunities are as numerous and varied as the interests and abilities of our students. Majors may find employment in diplomatic or foreign service; international business, law, or labor relations; international development, social service, the travel industry, or health agencies and cultural organizations. Other students pursue graduate work in the fields of international relations, international development, peace studies, conflict resolution studies, public health, or law. We encourage all International Studies students to go abroad, minor in a foreign language, and pursue internship opportunities.

Program Requirements

All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. The major requirements consist of 12 hours of required courses, 3 hours of Economic Awareness, 9 hours from Socio-Political courses, 9 hours of Cultural Literacy courses and 6 hours of electives. 

All International Studies majors must take:

The introductory course in international relations is designed to be a survey of the problems and practice of global cooperation and conflict. 3 hours.
Exploration of the customs, traditions, languages, ancestry, religions, values, and institutions of varied western and non-western nations through the use of humanities disciplines. Strong emphasis on the epistemology, production, and reception of culture, within and beyond the borders of a particular nation-state. 3 hours.
International Studies exit seminar that draws together program themes and summarizes main threads of current global issues. Prerequisite: permission of ITS director. 3 hours. Students may also take: ITS 471 Seminar in International Studies.
Individually arranged assignments in international companies or organizations, monitored and evaluated by the director of international studies. Prerequisite: permission of ITS director. 3 hours.

Course Catalog

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for the International Studies major is available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

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