Section of the cover of Libro de los Huespedes. Libro de los huéspedes (Escorial MS h.I.13): A Critical Edition (Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, 2008)
By John K. Moore

“This edition fills a very important vacuum. Scholars have long lamented the fact that h.I.13 is ignored in the study of medieval Spanish literature due to the fact that we have no readily available reading edition of the text. Moore’s work solves that problem.” —Thomas D. Spaccarelli, author of A Medieval Pilgrim’s Companion.

Cover of Libro de los huéspedes, a reproduction of a medieval drawing. Recipient of the MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions Seal of Approval

Escorial MS h.I.13, traditionally known as a Flos sanctorum, has more recently been dubbed the Libro de los huéspedes. The book is a late fourteenth- to early fifteenth-century codex that contains nine Castilian translations of medieval French tales of the miracle, martyrdom, and romance genres. This volume is the only critical edition of the entire manuscript with all of its parts. The critical apparatus includes an introduction, notes, appendix, glossary, and the conservatively normalized text of the codex, all of which allow the reader to become well acquainted with the coherently organized contents of this unique manuscript.