Part of the cover of the book, featuring a Spanish castle. "Recuerde el alma dormida": Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Essays in Honor of Frank A. Domínguez (Juan De La Cuesta, 2009)
By John K. Moore

“On the whole, this is a varied and useful volume and the extensive range of texts and approaches is a fitting tribute to the depth and breadth of Professor Domínguez’s research.” — Geraldine Hazbun, Bulletin of Spanish Studies

Cover of the book, featuring a picture of a castle and Frank Dominguez. "As John K. Moore points out in his introduction, all of the essays gathered here radiate 'gratitude to one who has shared so much of his time, energy, companionship, and wisdom,' a disposition obviously not at all at odds with the quality of the articles, which is notably high." — Óscar Perea Rodríguez, eHumanista

"The ethos of the volume is encapsulated in two creations of the Manrique family, the castle of Segura de la Sierra and the Coplas. Representative of unity and commemoration, these constructs, we discover, symbolize the volume’s aim: to strengthen Professor Domínguez’s academic clan and impress his exemplary legacy on future generations of scholars." — Geraldine Hazbun, Bulletin of Spanish Studies