Part of the cover of the book, featuring a Spanish castle. "Recuerde el alma dormida": Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Essays in Honor of Frank A. Domínguez (Juan De La Cuesta, 2009)
By John K. Moore

“On the whole, this is a varied and useful volume and the extensive range of texts and approaches is a fitting tribute to the depth and breadth of Professor Domínguez’s research.” — Geraldine Hazbun, Bulletin of Spanish Studies

Section of the cover of Libro de los Huespedes. Libro de los huéspedes (Escorial MS h.I.13): A Critical Edition (Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, 2008)
By John K. Moore

“This edition fills a very important vacuum. Scholars have long lamented the fact that h.I.13 is ignored in the study of medieval Spanish literature due to the fact that we have no readily available reading edition of the text. Moore’s work solves that problem.” —Thomas D. Spaccarelli, author of A Medieval Pilgrim’s Companion.

Part of the cover of Pueblos. Pueblos: Intermediate Spanish in Cultural Contexts (Cengage, 2007)
By Lourdes Sánchez-López, S. Spaine Long, Ana Martínez-Lage, and Llorenç Comajoan Colome

Pueblos is a complete Intermediate Spanish program that systematically presents culture within the context of the historical and political forces that have shaped and continue to shape the Spanish-speaking world.

Part of the cover of El pastor de Filida. El pastor de Filida by Luis Galvez de Montalvo (Albatros-Hispanofila Siglo XXI, 2006)
Critical variorum edition by Julián Arribas

This first critical, variorum edition of El pastor de Filida by Luis Galvez de Montalvo (Madrid, 1582) and edited by Professor Julian Arribas Rebollo, resolves all prior textual problems and offers a definitive text upon which critics and scholars may base their studies.