Japan-America Society of America logo (the state with a cherry blossom imposed on it). Japan-America Society of Alabama

A private, not-for-profit association working toward encouraging and developing friendship and understanding between individuals within the communities of Japan and the United States.

Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta

Information on visas (not needed for US citizens visiting 90 days or less), the JET Program, and Japan in the southeastern US. Also a source for news about Japan and cultural events held in the US.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens logo (a leaf with a ladybug on it). The Japanese Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This 7.5-acre site is actually an interwoven collection of gardens built in the Japanese style, replete with traditional architectural and garden elements. Here you can find the tea garden, the karesansui garden, the hill and stream garden, and the small stroll garden set around Long Life Lake. Casual visitors will want to study the colorful koi, relax in the lakeside rest shelter, peruse the bonsai house, or take a class at the pavilion. Plant lovers will enjoy exploring bamboo groves, examining our growing collection of momiji — the Japanese maples — and seeing prehistoric dawn redwoods and ginkgos.

Birmingham Sister Cities Commission

Official relations with the Japanese cities of Hitachi and Maebashi.