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The Japanese program is an active one. We have movie nights and gardening mornings, conversations around the lunch table and quiet trips to museums. Check the department's homepage for an up-to-date list of upcoming events and activities. Below are examples of some of the fun stuff we do outside of the classroom.

Japanese Conversation Table. Japanese Conversation Table

Practice your Japanese and meet cool people at the conversation table. We welcome beginning students of Japanese, native speakers, and everyone in between. Say what you know how to say, learn what you don't know how to say, and enjoy everyone's company, no judgments made. Joining us at the table doesn't count for your cultural credit, but it will definitely help you learn how to converse!

You can find an up-to-date conversation table schedule in the Student Resources section.

Movie Nights

Join students and faculty for popular Japanese movies — and the occasional classic monster or horror movie — showing aspects of life in Japan and what the Japanese think makes a good story.

Volunteering in Japanese Garden

Volunteers at the Japanese Garden. Join members of the Japanese Garden Society every Tuesday morning at 9:00 for weekly care and clean-up of Birmingham’s exquisite Japanese Garden in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (2612 Lane Park Road). Officially opened by the Japanese Ambassador to the United States in 1967, this 7.5-acre site is actually an interwoven collection of gardens built in the Japanese style, replete with traditional architectural and garden elements.

Art Exhibits and Demonstrations

Cherry trees blossoming on the UAB campus green. Birmingham is home to the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens, and the Birmingham Public Library System. All have hosted Japanese-themed events and exhibits in the past, including:

Cultural Activities

There are many activities in Alabama and Georgia (not too far away!) celebrating Japanese culture.