La bolsa (literally, “the bag”) is a language and culture creative learning project you must complete while enrolled in the three-semester sequence SPA 101, 102, and 201. Each semester you will create a bag to use it as an active language-learning tool. La bolsa will serve as a device to produce and practice language and vocabulary learned in class.

Two la bolsa projects, colorful bags with images and words pasted on them, decorated in festive colors. Your la bolsa project is both a chapter-by-chapter oral practice and your final exam. By the end of the semester you should be able to:
  • talk in Spanish about the rationale behind the items you selected for your bolsa.
  • incorporate the language forms, functions, and vocabulary you learned in each chapter when you present your project.
  • have an active conversation with your instructor and your peers about your bolsa.
  • ask questions about other students' bolsas.

Useful Documents