UAB Sstudents shopping in a small, brightly painted store during a study abroad trip. All students who enroll in SPA 101: Introductory Spanish I will complete a Spanish Speaking Communities in Alabama project (SSCP). The project objectives are to:
  • summarize and document presence of Latinos/Hispanics in the US, Alabama, and locally;
  • interpret and draw conclusions from data in graphs and tables pertaining to Latino/Hispanic populations in the US and Alabama;
  • recognize and identify principal challenges for Latinos/Hispanics in the US, Alabama, and locally; and
  • document your interaction with a Latino/Hispanic member of the community in Alabama.

You can read about project guidelines, resources, format, and grading criteria in this SSCP overview document. You can also use the following documents to help guide you through the project, and don't hesitate to ask your professor for help.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Blank paper anxiety? Not sure where to start? These guidelines will help you construct a successful and well-written paper:
  • Identify three challenges you would like to explore that Latinos in the US face.
  • Identify a Hispanic/Latino in UAB, the community, or the US, that you would like to interview.
  • Find and browse through at least five to eight resources. Take notes of what you think you would like to use for your paper.
  • Start a brain-storming activity of the main ideas that you would like to include in your paper.
  • Design a paper skeleton as follows:
    • Title
    • Introductory paragraph that lists and briefly describes the three challenges you've chosen and the different parts of the paper (including interview)
    • Main body: one separate paragraph for each challenge (description and reflection) and one paragraph for the interview (description and reflection)
    • Conclusion: a well-written and concise paragraph that links the introduction with your own personal reflection
    • Resources used
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