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Application Procedures

FLL 333-001: Foreign Language Internship is offered during the Spring and Summer semesters. FLL 333-00B: Foreign Language Service Learning is offered during the Spring semester only.

Follow the following procedures to apply:
  1. Make an appointment with Internship/Service Learning faculty advisor (Dr. Lourdes Sánchez-López) or with the chairperson (Dr. Julián Arribas) to request permission one semester prior to your internship or service learning and to discuss course syllabus and requirements. FLL 333 is not offered during the fall semester.
  2. Take WebCAPE proficiency exam (or other departmentally approved proficiency examination) and receive a score indicating 300 level or higher.
  3. Once you have secured permission from the advisor or the chair, you may enroll in FLL 333: Foreign Language Internship/Service-Learning. Do not enroll in FLL 333 without prior departmental approval.
  4. Make a second appointment with the Internship/Service Learning faculty advisor to discuss appropriate community partners and to initiate the placement process.
  5. Once the appropriate community partner has been identified, make an appointment with the community partner site supervisor to discuss requirements and responsibilities. All the preparations and paperwork must be completed prior to the beginning of the semester.
  6. FLL 333 starts and finishes with the regular semester.

Application Deadlines

All students must meet the following FLL 333 application deadlines: