Syllabi, Fall 2015

Course Name  Course Number  Instructor  Syllabus  
Basic Algebra MA 098-QL Stansell ma098-ql.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZN Puchta ma098-zn.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNA Alexander ma098-zna.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNB Stansell ma098-znb.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZND Sanadhya ma098-znd.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNE Traore ma098-zne.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNF Traore ma098-znf.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNG Alexander ma098-zng.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNI Larson ma098-zni.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-QL Stansell ma102-ql.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZN Cho ma102-zn.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZNA Cho ma102-zna.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZNB Vaughn ma102-znb.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZND Vaughn ma102-znd.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-QL Kravchuk ma105-ql.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZN Scribner ma105-zn.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNA Scribner ma105-zna.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNB Vaughan ma105-znb.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNC Ghatasheh ma105-znc.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZND Kravchuk ma105-znd.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNE Ghatasheh ma105-zne.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNG Stansell ma105-zng.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNH Kravchuk ma105-znh.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNI Vaughan ma105-zni.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-QL Kravchuk ma106-ql.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZN Vaughan ma106-zn.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZNA Kravchuk ma106-zna.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZNB Vaughan ma106-znb.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZND Ranabhat ma106-znd.pdf
Precal Algebra/Trigonometry MA 107-QL Kravchuk ma107-ql.pdf
Precal Algebra/Trigonometry MA 107-ZN Johnson ma107-zn.doc
Finite Mathematics MA 110-QL Land ma110-ql.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZN Stansell ma110-zn.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNA Mince ma110-zna.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNB Mince ma110-znb.doc
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNC Land ma110-znc.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZND Rastegar ma110-znd.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNE Rastegar ma110-zne.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-6A Zou ma125-6a.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-6B Karim ma125-6b.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-6C Blokh ma125-6c.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-6D Kim ma125-6d.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-7A Nayak ma125-7a.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-8A Navasca ma125-8a.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-8B Zeng ma125-8b.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-8C Hutchison ma125-8c.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-CT Blokh ma125-ct.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-CW Hutchison ma125-cw.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-ET Selinger ma125-et.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-6C Abdul-Rahman ma126-6c.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-6D Zou ma126-6d.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-8C Nkashama ma126-8c.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-CT Antwi-Fordjour ma126-ct.pdf
Intro to Statistics MA 180-ZN Moxley ma180-zn.doc
Intro to Statistics MA 180-ZNA Barnett ma180-zna.doc
Intro to Statistics MA 180-ZNB Barnett ma180-znb.pdf
Intro to Statistics MA 180-ZNC Moxley ma180-znc.pdf
Intro to Statistics MA 180-ZND Johnson ma180-znd.doc
Cal I Honors MA 225 CV  Oversteegen ma225-cv.doc
Calculus III MA 227-6B Knowles ma227-6b.pdf
Calculus III MA 227-6D Shterenberg ma227-6d.pdf
Intro Differential Equations MA 252-2A Knowles ma252-2a.pdf
Intro to Linear Algebra MA 260-2B Hutchison ma260-2b.pdf
Intro to Linear Algebra MA 260-2F Simanyi ma260-2f.pdf
Math Tools for Engr Problem Solving EGR/MA 265-6C Stolz/Moore ma265-6c.pdf
Math Tools for Engr Problem Solving EGR/MA 265-6D Moore/Starr ma265-6d.pdf
History of Mathematics 1 MA 311-9I Johnson ma311-9i.pdf
Patterns, Funcitons & Algebra Reas MA 313-2C Puchta ma313-2c.pdf
Patterns, Functions & Algebra Reas MA 313-2F Puchta ma313-2f.pdf
Numerical Reasoning MA 316-2D Dominick ma316-2d.pdf
Scientific Programming MA 360-1B Navasca ma360-1b.pdf
Mathematical Modeling MA 361-2B Mayer ma361-2b.pdf
Statistics for Teachers MA 418-ZN Moxley ma418-zn.doc
Statistics for Teachers MA 418-ZNA Barnett ma418-zna.doc
Statistics for Teachers MA 418-ZNB Barnett ma418-znb.pdf
Statistics for Teachers MA 418-ZNC Moxley ma418-znc.pdf
Statistics for Teachers MA 418-ZND Johnson ma418-znd.doc
Algebra I: Linear MA 434-2C Simanyi ma434-2c.pdf
Advanced Calculus I MA 440-ET Weikard ma440-et.pdf
Partial Differential Equations MA 455-2D Nkashama ma455-2d.pdf
Geometry I MA 472-3B Mayer/Mann ma472-3b.pdf
Mathematical Finance MA 484-2C Starr ma484-2c.pdf
Probability MA 485-1C Jung ma485-1c.pdf
History of Mathematics MA 501-91 Johnson ma501-91.pdf
Patterns, Funct. & Alg. Reasoning MA 513-2C Puchta/Mayer ma513-2c.pdf
Patterns, Funct. & Alg. Reasoning MA 513-2F Mayer/Puchta ma513-2f.pdf
Numerical Reasoning MA 516-2D Dominick ma516-2d.pdf
Mathematics Modeling MA 519-2B Mayer ma519-2b.pdf
Algebra I: Linear MA 534-2C Simanyi ma534-2c.pdf
Advanced Calculus I MA 540-ET Weikard ma540-et.pdf
Partial Differential Equations MA 555-2D Nkashama ma555-2d.pdf
Scientific Programming MA 560-1B Navasca ma560-1b.pdf
Geometry I MA 572-3B Mayer/Mann ma572-3b.pdf
Mathematical Finance MA 584-2C Starr ma584-2c.pdf
Intro to Probability MA 585-1C Jung ma585-1c.pdf
Linear Algebra MA 631-2E Stolz ma631-2e.pdf
Real Analysis I MA 645-2F Karpechina ma645-2f.pdf
Complex Analysis MA 648-1E Shterenberg ma648-1e.pdf
Differential Equations MA 650-2B Zeng ma650-2b.pdf
Advanced Numerical Linear Algegra MA 692-00B Navasca ma692-00b.pdf
Stochastic Process MA 694/794 Jung ma694-794.pdf
Advanced Numerical LInear Algebra MA 792-00b Navasca ma792-00b.pdf