Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership

The Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership (GBMP) is a UAB research and professional development organization founded by local teachers to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in the greater Birmingham area.

From 2000-2004 local funders supported GBMP's pilot work. This support led to over $12.5 million in professional development and research grants from the National Science Foundation from 2004-2012.

GBMP's professional development model includes Summer Mathematics Content Courses for teachers and teacher leaders designed to increase participants' knowledge of mathematics and how to teach it effectively. GBMP also offers in-school support during the academic year which includes Math Studio days, Professional Learning Community meetings, Math Coaching, and sessions to support administrators and parents.

GBMP research data from the Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics pre- and post-test, surveys, and course portfolios of teachers participating in GBMP courses, showed improved teacher content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and mathematical dispositions. Testing one year later showed the content knowledge was sustained and even improved over time. GBMP research also consistently showed student achievement gains across all socio-economic levels of students whose teachers implemented at a high the level inquiry-based instruction that they had experienced in GBMP Summer Courses.

For the past 10 years GBMP has focused on two key questions:

  1. What kind of mathematics instruction results in student achievement gains?
  2. What does it take to enable teachers to change their practice to the kind of instruction that results in achievement gains?

Our research has consistently shown that:

  • Inquiry-based instruction, described in Alabama's College and Career Ready Standards, particularly in the eight Mathematical Practice Standards, results in student achievement gains across all socio-economic levels; and
  • Teachers who want to make changes in their mathematics instruction need opportunities and support to increase their mathematical content knowledge to improve their practice.

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Please direct project questions and comments to John Mayer. You can also learn more at the GBMP website.