The minor consists of 26 semester hours of coursework in music. Students who minor in Music Technology should have some prior musical experience and must audition on their performing instrument. Music courses in which a grade below C is earned may not be counted toward the minor. Minors are encouraged to participate in music ensembles throughout their academic program. Students should contact the music office at (205) 934-7376 or email for specific audition requirements and to schedule an audition.

Program Requirements

All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. The music technology requirements consist of 14 credit hours of required courses, 4 hours from music ensembles, 2 hours of applied music (MUP 140 or above), and 3 hours of general elective courses in music.

All music technology minors must take the following courses:
Introduction to hardware and software for creating and performing music with computers. Concepts include digital sampling, binary computation, properties of waveforms, graphical notation, and audio sequencing. 3 hours.
MU 221: Melody, harmony, and rhythm; their interaction in music. Diatonic musical materials with emphasis on choral and simple keyboard idioms. 3 hours.
MU 224: Required laboratory for MU 221. 1 hour.
Note: both courses must be taken at the same time.
MU 222: Continuation of MU 221. Prerequisites: MU 221 [Min Grade: C] and MU 224 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
MU 225: Required laboratory for MU 222. Prerequisites: MU 224 [Min Grade: C]. 1 hour.
Note: both courses must be taken at the same time.
Concepts and techniques of music production in recording studios. Limited enrollment. First class meets on campus. 3 hours.
Score reading and elementary analysis. Chronological survey of styles and forms of each historical period. Basic music reading ability. 3 hours.
Using computer applications, including MIDI and sampling technology, in the creation of musical compositions. Prerequisites: MU 115 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.

See The Majors page for descriptions of Major and Minor Ensembles.

See the course catalog for descriptions of applied lessons and electives in music theory, music, and music history and literature.