Joining one or more student groups will augment your education and provide opportunities beyond those found in the classroom.

Undergraduate Neuroscience Society

The Undergraduate Neuroscience Society is a student organization dedicated to serving and representing the members of UAB’s Undergraduate Neuroscience Program, as well as promoting interest in the neurosciences within the larger UAB community.

We work to accomplish these goals through a number of activities and events: an invited lecture by a distinguished neuroscientist each semester; unique service opportunities related to medical care, mental health, and science teaching; and workshops taught by faculty and graduate students on subjects of interest to neuroscience students, such as succeeding in undergraduate research or applying to graduate and medical schools. Additionally, each year we help to organize the UAB Neuroscience Day and the Alabama Brain Bee. The Alabama Brain Bee is a free event for high school students to test their neuroscience knowledge in competition with one another, and is held annually in conjunction with the UAB Neuroscience Day, an effort to promote neuroscience education and awareness. 

The faculty advisor of the UNS is Dr. Kristina Visscher, and its current student presidents are Courtney Walker and Richard Trieu. Membership in the UNS is open to any current members of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program, though all members of the UAB community are invited to attend lectures and workshops. To keep up with UNS events, please request to join our group on Facebook or on OrgSync. For questions, please contact us by e-mail at

UAB Student Alumni Society

The mission of the UAB Student Alumni Society is to create and enhance student and alumni relations as well as educate students and alumni to the services offered by the University of Alabama at Birmingham National Alumni Society. The alliance strives to develop avenues of involvement, fostering an atmosphere of tradition, pride, and loyalty to UAB. Join the UAB Student Alumni Society now!