Congratulations to our 2016 Alumni Award winners. These accomplished individuals represent the values we champion in the College of Arts and Sciences: ethical and moral reasoning, the scientific method, cultural competency, communication, and confidence in the face of complexity.
Our 2016 Alumni Award winners represent another outstanding class of graduates who have made—and continue to make—a tremendous impact in their respective fields and in the larger community. This year’s winners graduated with degrees in Computer and Information Sciences, Political Science, History, Physics, and Public Administration, reflecting the breadth of scholarship and study in the College. Honored for their professional accomplishments and their community service, our 2016 winners are exemplary of our core values and are exceptional ambassadors for the College and for UAB. The awards reception gave them the opportunity to tell their stories, and to thank the faculty members who helped set them on the path to success.

Congratulations to our deserving winners!

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

This is our highest honor, awarded to prominent alumni who have achieved distinction in their professions. This award highlights the diverse talents, notable accomplishments, and extraordinary service of our alumni and is reserved for those with a history of excellence in their careers.

Daisy WongDr. Daisy Wong, M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences, 1997; Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences, 2003

Dr. Daisy Wong is the Chief Quality Officer at MedSnap, a start-up company aimed at creating technologies that enhance medication safety for patients, clinicians, and industry. MedSnap’s technologies are capable of identifying medications instantly using an iPhone camera, which can be used to ensure medication compliance and also perform surveillance for counterfeit medications. Dr. Wong established the SnapLab and processes used to assure the quality of data for MedSnap’s Visual Pill Library and software products. In addition to her work with MedSnap, she is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the UAB Department of Computer and Information Sciences. Prior to MedSnap and UAB, Dr. Wong held various high-level industry positions where she has been responsible for leading the research, development, and commercialization of complex software and electronic systems.

Dr. Wong spends most of her spare time volunteering in local schools teaching technology education and literacy. She also teaches in the Birmingham, Alabama, Chapter of 100 Girls of Code; which aims to achieve gender parity in STEM fields by introducing more young women to coding and computer science at a young age. Dr. Wong is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest, largest and most selective honor society for all academic disciplines. Additionally, she is a member of the UAB National Alumni Society and a proud member of the inaugural UAB College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Board, as well as a member of the Computer Sciences Board of Visitors at the University of Wisconsin at Madison where she received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and her Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

Robert MaddoxRobert Maddox, B.A. in Political Science, 1996; B.A. in History, 1996; M.A. in History, 1997

Mr. Robert Maddox is Partner at Bradley, a national law firm. Robert practices in Financial Services Litigation section with an emphasis in mortgage litigation and compliance and commercial/real estate litigation. He is a Certified Mortgage Banker and is one of only a handful of attorneys in the nation who have achieved this status. His national practice focuses primarily on representing two specific industries: financial institutions and mortgage companies. Robert’s success in these areas has led him to trial and appellate courts in over 40 different states litigating all facets of the mortgage industry.

In addition to Robert’s successful practice, he has become a sought-after speaker in the national mortgage industry, regularly speaking at conferences regarding mortgage programs and pressing topics in financial services industry. He also has a great passion for teaching future leaders and has spent a significant amount of time as an adjunct professor at Cumberland School of Law and the University of Alabama School of Law teaching courses on Real Estate Transfer, Finance and Development, and State Constitutional Law. For many years, Robert served the students of UAB on the Pre-Law Advisory Board; where he worked to shape this program and ensure that UAB students were adequately prepared for this career path. He is also a Lifetime Member and past Board of Director of the UAB National Alumni Society and a founding member of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Alumni Chapter (now Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter).

Trailblazing Alumni Award

This award honors young alumni who have made significant professional accomplishments at an early stage in their careers.

Christina Richey. Dr. Christina Richey, M.S. in Physics, 2007; Ph.D., in Physics, 2011

Dr. Christina Richey is a Senior Scientist at ASRC Federal, working for the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) at NASA Headquarters. Dr. Richey is the Deputy Science Advisor for SMD, and is a Discipline Scientist in the Planetary Science Division (PSD) Research and Analysis Group. Additionally, she is the Deputy Program Scientist in PSD for the OSIRIS-REx Mission (the Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security- Regolith Mission). OSIRIS-REx launched in September of 2016 and will travel to a near-Earth asteroid, called Bennu, and bring back a returned sample to Earth for study.  The mission will help scientists investigate how planets formed and how life began, as well as improve our understanding of asteroids that could impact Earth.  

In addition to her scientific activities, Dr. Richey has held several leadership positions and has actively engaged in education and public outreach opportunities.  She is an accomplished leader and award winner in her field in dealing with anti-harassment policies and procedures, and has been additionally cited by major news agencies for her efforts within the community to create safe, inclusive environments. Dr. Richey is the Chair of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy, as well as co-Chair of the Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) Professional Culture and Climate Subcommittee.  She is also an active blogger for the Women in Astronomy Blog, as well as an active member of the Women in Planetary Science Group.

While at UAB, Christina served as Vice President of the UAB Chapter of Scientists and Engineers for America, as well as a member of the DPS Federal Relations Subcommittee.  She helped the Department of Physics with recruitment of females and minorities in the field of physics and in 2011 was awarded the Outstanding Service to the Department and Community Award from the UAB Department of Physics.

Alumni Service Award

This award honors alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the local, national, or global community.

Charles ScribnerCharles Scribner, M.P.A, 2015

Mr. Charles Scribner is the Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a citizen-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving water quality, habitat, recreation, and public health. Charles and his staff identify pollution problems and work on fixing them while increasing public awareness. Prior to being named the Executive Director, Charles served Black Warrior Riverkeeper as a director of development.

Charles is highly invested in UAB, the MPA Program, and his community. In 2015 he was elected Student Relations Coordinator of the UAB MPA Alumni Chapter Board of the UAB National Alumni Society. He also served on the MPA reaccreditation committee and is a frequent guest lecturer in UAB classes. At the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Charles serves on the Diocesan Task Force for the Stewardship of Creation. He also volunteers as Treasurer of the Princeton Alumni Association of Alabama and as a trustee of two scholarships for top Alabama students: the Robert R. Meyer, Jr. Fund (Princeton University), and the John Kaul Greene Scholarship (St. Paul’s School).

Marcus Newell. Marcus Newell, B.A. in Social Work, 1996

Mr. Marcus Newell serves as Regional Disaster Officer for the American Red Cross in the Alabama Region. In his role, he oversees disaster relief and resiliency efforts and is responsible for establishing and maintaining partnerships with organizations to provide quality disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. During his tenure, he has had oversight of multiple programs, including human resources, volunteer management, services to armed forces, and Project SHARE (energy assistance to the elderly and disabled). Prior to his employment at Red Cross, he worked in therapeutic foster care at Gateway Family and Child Services and was an emergency child abuse and neglect caseworker for Jefferson County Department of Human Resources.

During his 17 years at the American Red Cross, Marcus has assisted in several large scale disaster relief operations, including 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the April 27, 2011, tornadoes in Alabama. He is dedicated to serving all communities within the State of Alabama and the nation in disaster relief efforts.Save

Trailblazing Alumni