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Students and Supporters Recognized at Scholarship & Awards Luncheon

  • October 28, 2015
If you could meet the person who made your scholarship possible, what would you say? Over 175 students had that opportunity last Friday as the College celebrated the 2015-2016 Scholarship and Awards Luncheon.

If you could meet the person who made your scholarship possible, what would you say? Over 175 students had that opportunity last Friday as the College celebrated the 2015-2016 Scholarship and Awards Luncheon. Donors and scholarship recipients came together, many for the first time, to get to know each other and recognize the accomplishments of some of the College’s finest. It was a fun and memorable afternoon reminding all attendees how lives are transformed by scholarship support.

2015-2016 CAS Scholarship Luncheon Dean Robert E. Palazzo with students. From left to right: Hriday Bhambhvani, Ally Middleton, Dean Palazzo, Savannah Russell, Aileen Jong. (Photos by Jared Bash)The event also offered attendees a first-hand look at the breadth of the talent within the College. The Digital Media team produced a video featuring donors and recipients meeting for the first time to play a game of “Pop the Question." The UAB Gospel Choir closed the event with a truly moving performance.

In addition, the College recognized four newly established endowed scholarships during this year’s program. The endowments created this year have been established in honor of two of the College’s current faculty members and one former faculty member. The Steve A. Watts Endowed Support Fund was established in the Department of Biology by Drs. Dan and Karla Bishop, and the W. Ronald Clemmons Endowed Music Scholarship was created in the Department of Music by an anonymous donor. Lastly, two endowments in the Department of English were made possible by the generous gifts from the estate of a beloved former faculty member. Endowments such as these serve as not only a permanent legacy to the generosity of their creators, but also as a testament to the unwavering belief in our students.

As UAB’s largest academic unit, home to more than 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students, the College honored its scholarship recipients with awards totaling more than $200,000. With their gifts, our supporters are allowing our students to fully immerse themselves in their academic pursuits and pursue the programs that will ensure a bright future.

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

Dean’s Leadership Scholarship

Morgan Walston, Aseel Dib, Fatoumata Diabate, Kayla Stidham, Emil Kurian, Hope Miley, Ally Middleton, Aileen Jong, Mindy Tatum, Laikyn Perdue, Hriday Bhambhvani, Savannah Russell

Edward H. Atchison Endowed Fund for the Performing Arts

Annabelle DeCamillis, Kameron Dickerson

Gladys Davies and George F. Brockman IV Scholarship

Calla McCulley, Kevin Lee

Jane Mulkin Endowed Scholarship

Travis Chin

NAS Dean’s Leadership Scholarship

Regina Sherman, Dilani Patel, Aleksandra Kasman, Jonathan Lackey, Emily Quarato, Elaine Liaw, Gabrielle Brow, Loren Howard, Nicole Lassiter, Amanda Proper, Kelsey Jolley, Michael Vega, Sarah Mathews, Marie Michenkova

Tennant and Susan McWilliams Endowed Scholarship

Aaron Getman-Pickering, Mercedes Conkin

The God at the Speed of Light Endowed Scholarship

Alexandra Fry, Stephanie Giang, Jonathan Parker, Tiffany Colburn

The Lauren McLellan Sanders Endowed Scholarship

Brandy Core

Department of Art and Art History

Arrowmount Arts and Crafts Award

Jacob Phillips

Art Senior Scholarship

Anna Zoladz, Stephen Stark, Hannah Rettig

Bernice Cooke Thomas Endowed Scholarship in Art and Art History

Zachary Edison

Betty Loeb Endowed Scholarship

Rachel Ejem

Dr. Klaus Urban Endowed Scholarship for the Department of Art and Art History

Amy Williamson

Ellen Shizuko Takahashi Endowed Support Fund

Lucy Allen

Frohock Memorial Scholarship

Katelyn Ledford

Incoming Freshman Scholarship

Vanessa Nutt, Laura Benson

Janice Kluge/Cam Langley Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hannah Rettig

John Dillon Endowed Scholarship

Anna Zoladz

John Schnorrenberg Endowed Scholarship Fund

Stewart Adams

Marie Weaver and Steve Harvey Endowed Scholarship for Graphic Design

Stephen Stark

Department of Biology

Anne Cusic Scholarship in Biology

Ramitha Nyalakonda

Ken R. Marion Endowed Scholarship Fund/Biology Career Award

Marlee Hayes

Ken R. Marion Endowed Scholarship Fund/Ecology/Environmental Science Career Award

Olivia Delmas

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Scholars

Blake Baker, Ronald Tyler Gatewood, Savanah McLendon, Azim Merchant, Rebecca Hope Millis, Simranjit Kaur, Rebecca Smith, Amanda Lawrence, Jacobi McGrew, Sophie McVicar, Ramyashree Nyalakonda, Wynton Sims, Spencer Wilson, Jesse Herren, Case Key, Payal Patel, Zackery Perry, Emily Quarato, Leyah Schwartz, Andrew Yarbrough, Fredrick Stephens, Amaris Thomas, Joshua Tippett, Marina Triplett, Kelly Walters, Jesse Aquino, Nicholas Boyle, Henry DeGroot, Tan Duong, Tina Etminan, Stephanie Giang, Solomon Gibson, Neena John, Tushar Kumar, Calla McCulley, Neel Patel, Aaron, Stuber, Ashley Wylie

Department of Communication Studies

Byron St. Dizier Endowed Journalism Award

Gerladine Lim

Dr. John Wittig Public Relations Alumni Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Mackenzie Runager, Alexandra Kral

James E. Mills Scholarship Fund

Mark Smith

Mary-Anne Amsbary Endowed Award

Julia Nelson, Brandy Vaughan

Trotter Scholarship

Brandon McLemore

Victoria and Ralph Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Brandy Vaughan, Christopher Sykes

William Self Endowed Scholarship

Julia Nelson

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Anthony Barnard Endowed Award Fund in Computer and Information Sciences

Jordan Hedge

Joseph M. Fontana Scholarship Endowment Fund for Computer and Information Science

Amalee Wilson, Ryan McConn

Joyce Iannuzzi Endowed Presidential Scholarship for Computer Science and Technology

Jonathan Parker

Department of English

Barksdale-Maynard Endowed Creative Writing Prize (Poetry)

Elizabeth Tompkins

Barksdale-Maynard Endowed Creative Writing Prize (Fiction)

Halley Cotton

English Advisory Committee Endowed Recruiting Scholarship

Sydnei Wheat

Gloria Goldstein Howton Scholarship Endowment Fund

Will Wagner

Grace Lindsley Waits Scholarship Fund

Laikyn Perdue

Phillips Scholarship in English

Luke Richey

Tom Brown Prize (Creative Non-Fiction)

Matthew Whitehurst

Department of Government

Roger Wells Scholarship

Thomas Bailey

The MPA Alumni Endowed Scholarship

Joseph Menefee

Voytek Zubek Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Martha Blalock

Department of History

David Hart White Fund

Timothy Granger

Department of Justice Sciences

Department of Justice Sciences Scholarship Fund

Brian Thacker, Mariah Sims, Morgan Amason

Justice T. Eric Embry Scholarship Fund

Alexis Dubin, Mary Eley

Department of Mathematics

Dr. James Robert Ward Jr. Memorial Endowed Award Fund

Elizabeth Scribner

James C. And Carol Warner Endowed Scholarship

Andrew Sluss

Kauffman Endowed Scholarship in Math

Eric Larson

Math Department Scholarships

Simon Harris, Garrett Higginbotham, William Tidwell, Elizabeth Liddle

O’Neil Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Samuel Wunderly

Travis B. Wood Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Fund

Kaitlyn Lee

Department of Music

Myrtle-Jones-Steele Endowment Fund

Davis McClendon Grimes

Stevie Wonder Music Scholarship Endowment

Kendrick Panion

UAB Music Scholarship Endowment Fund

Aleksandra Kasman

W. Ronald Clemmons Endowed Scholarship in Music

Marta Pirosca

Department of Physics

Robert and Edith Bauman Endowed Scholarship in Physics

Aidan O’Beirne, Brian Trammell

Department of Psychology

Passey Psychology Prize Endowment

Briana Watkins

Department of Social Work

Norman Eggleston Endowed Scholarship

Lee Allen

Department of Sociology

Ferris S. & Annie Pharo Ritchey Endowed Scholarship in Sociology

Madison Allen

Department of Theatre

Breakthrough Scholarship

Eboni Booker, Sarah Counts, Marissa Hebson, Ashley Jackson, Chance Novalis, Joseph Parker, Rita Pearson-Daley, Hayley Procacci, Jordan Shafer, Brian Wittenberg

David Lloyd Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Mark Nelson, Meredith Morse, Kenya Mims, Ben Lundy, Joseph Baude

Ruby Lloyd Apsey Scholarship Fund

Seth Burgess, Lauren Edwards, Katherine Montgomery, John Kennedy, Joseph Parker, Alyse Rosenblatt, Jessica Mathews, Phoebe Miller, Victoria Morales, Nicole Slaski, Amanda Vinson, Noah Parsons, Royzell Walker

Program Awards

African American Studies Program Scholarship

Anissa Latham-Brown, Carlon Harris

Digital Media Fellowship

Stephen Stark, Heather Garner, Samantha Richardson, Brodie Foster, Raizel Coiman, Zach Walker, Jonathan Niega, Sarah Buckelew, Kayla McLaughlin, Heather Robinson, Anissa Latham-Brown