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Faculty and Students Attend a2ru Summit

  • April 13, 2015
Two students and two professors from the Department of Art and Art History represented UAB at the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) Emerging Creatives Student Summit at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Two students and two professors from the Department of Art and Art History represented UAB at the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) Emerging Creatives Student Summit at Virginia Commonwealth University.

A2RU SummitUAB is a founding member of a2ru and the summit is part of its national conference. The theme of this year’s summit was PULSE: Creative Collaborations for Cities in Flux.

Associate Professor Doug Barrett, MFA, Assistant Professor Doug Baulos, MFA, and Bachelor of Fine Arts students Anna Zoladz and Hannah Rettig attended the conference. Barrett and Baulos were chosen for their interdisciplinary work with students and innovative service and research in Birmingham.

Dean Palazzo has championed a2ru and UAB’s involvement in it. The dean spoke as part of a panel at the conference; he also is a member of the a2ru executive committee.

“As a founding member of a2ru, UAB takes the organization’s mission seriously, regularly integrating the arts into the vibrant, progressive research culture of our institution,” Palazzo says. “The cross-pollination of disciplines and practices at UAB, particularly within the College of Arts and Sciences, where our Department of Art and Art History is housed, has already led to innovative projects and opportunities for members of our diverse academic and civic communities.

“We are proud of our faculty and students who will be participating in this year’s conference,” Palazzo adds. “Their work has earned them a place among prestigious participants, and their interests are as varied as the universities and people who partner with the organization. We look forward to seeing the results of what they learned at the conference in their future work and study.”